Tribute overnerfed


Jul 29, 2013
Given how demanding tribute is in later eras (and even in classical if you don't have UU) and that there is supply cap now (which works), I believe :c5culture: should be at least doubled. Yes, it might create a bit of early spike for authority, but over time it still won't be impressive. Right now in my authority game I have almost 100 supply cap and have to move 30+ units in a cycle between city states to get 200 :c5culture: :/ And sometimes some yields from CS. But hold on - those yields are sometimes not even worth half of quest rewards. Like if I get 90:c5influence: and 850:c5food: for finishing trade route, immediately putting me as a friend and making all my chanceries making :c5gold: for me, not making major civ my enemies, getting potential DV votes. Is it really worth it to rotate all those units to actually get less yields?
I am producing 1000:c5culture:/turn so those 200:c5culture: coming once every 3 turns from bullying is barely notable and not worth making 30+ moves.

Oh. And before Tyranny (lvl 3 authority) you can't bully friendly CSs, so you actually have to avoid finishing their quests :S

PS. And authority is not even close to progress. I feel when I play conquest game with progress I do much better than with authority.
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If your problem is with late-game tribute, why buff early-game tribute as well? Early game tribute is fine. I'm not too worried about late-game tribute, since if you have a large army, it's a reward in and of itself at that stage for the most part.

And I think the Authority-Progress Balance is fine, Authority is what you pick when you can capture cities in the Ancient/Classical (Imperium bonuses) and snowball. If Authority was always better at warmongering, there wouldn't be a real place for Progress.
It should be noted that between the Chancery in the wire service, you get significant benefits from having SES as your friend. When using tribute and angry that CS, you lose those benefits. In that context, asking for tribute as a steeper price tag later in the game . So to me the late game bonuses have to compensate for that.
I'm quite happy with the actual tribute-qualifying mechanics right now. (AKA Whether or not you can demand tribute)

I'm also happy with early game tribute values from the actual act of demanding tribute. I don't know the late game values off the top of my head, so I'll leave that one on the table for now.

As for the benefits of the tribute policy in authority, I agree that it's basically nothing late game. I think it could also be increased to 35 for earlier.

My solution, if any, would be that the finisher multiplies tribute by era instead of doubling it. (So it gains quadratic scaling.)
35 Ancient/Classic, 140 Medieval, 315 Renaissance, 560 Industrial, 875 Modern, 1260 Atomic, 1715 Information

Considering policies cost like 20k+ culture in modern era that seems fine.

Then again I'm not too concerned with the overall power of authority so getting a bit of extra culture for doing something you'll already want to do early and mid game, and then maybe again later with Autocracy, isn't a terrible. Like, if it was removed from the policy I don't know if the tree becomes terrible, though that also speaks to how weak the bonus is.
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