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    Jun 10, 2006
    ...I cannot put it forward for consideration because I was helped by game in progress posts as diplomatic victory is not one I usually pursue so I needed guidance.

    Looking now at other after action comments, my game seems to have proceeded along similar lines to others. Mostly peaceful - only Egypt DOW'ed me, but they were easy and Thebes was the only city I bothered capturing and puppeting. I finished with 3 cities on the starting continent and another up north for the iron, plus Thebes. There were a few AI wars, but it was mostly handbags.

    Arabia was the runaway leader financially, although I had caught him up by the end. He beat me to UN by about 10 turns, but the resulting gold for the incomplete wonder proved vital. My only surprise at the end was why Arabia made little attempt to buy back the CS's after I threw money at them although they had money to do so. Stupid AI.....again.
  2. leif erikson

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    :thanx: for your honesty.

    This is just as much about learning as it is about placing. :thumbsup:

    Congrats on your win, despite a stupid AI. :)
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    Oct 11, 2010
    Diplo Win, Turn 261, 1755 AD

    Spoiler :

    Two of my dislikes - Archipelago and Diplo victory now that Globalization has so many techs. But I took a decent stab at it.

    I ran down the Liberty path and plopped the free settler on the river hill NE "blocking" Egypt. But he had optics early, and didn't respect my plans. I got the GL for Theology. Hard built the HS and used the GE for PT. Actually had to take Rationalism opener before the Liberty finisher. But was still able to grab ND with that GE.

    Egypt settled north of Istanbul and went hostile pretty early -- I declared at turn 82 with a modest force. I had the starting warrior, a pack of 5 archers, and barb galley converts that plinked Thebes for a point of damage each turn. I believe a pikeman got sent in for the final kill. With rotating people and boats around, most managed to survive Thebes and it's war chariot fortifier.

    I settled an iron/fur city way up north mainly for trading cash. Money was in short supply for RAs. Harun was a runaway and most of the game consisted of me milking money from him in any way possible so I could give out loans to the others and sign RAs. Harun allied with all but two CS and I was a little worried about how I was going to grab enough for the win.

    Egypt declared on 172, but I could see it coming. I didn't have much of an army - most of my archers had left to chase after ruins and explore after Astronomy. But a couple Janisseries and my armada of triremes took out the only city he had left on the continent - leaving him with one city and getting me a nice peace deal and no diplo hit!

    Around 210, I was see the end game coming and wondering where I was going to get cash to make allies. I decided I needed to go conquering to grab some more cities and would prioritize based on final RAs ending and happiness wonders. I used my precious few gold to upgrade a jannisery to Infantry and my fleet to Destroyers and started to head toward England. That's when I saw Harun pull up with a huge army and immediately traded everything I could to him for cash.

    That war ended up being the blessing in disguise. I squished the majority of the invasion troops before they hit my shore and my destroyers beat his navy pretty quickly. A group of about 6 destroyers, a sub, and 1 mech infantry (jannisery upgrade) rolled him over. When he finally realized he was done on turn 251, he gave all his cities except Mecca and all his GPT. (I also ended the game with 43 unhappiness, but sometimes taking over the world is an unhappy business!)

    I had the first 3 Patronage policies, so after making peace with all Harun's allies, I was able to take over influence with 500 gold for most of the CS. I had completed the Louvre and saved the Artists for the end. I had saved a GE, and paired a GE and GS to pop at the same time around 237 in a city that had a garden, the national epic, and a public school. The GS popped Globalism and the two GEs hurried the UN. I still had 4 turns left on it after they rushed it though - don't know if the unhappiness penalty applies to GE rushing or if Thebes just wasn't populated enough.

    I'd say the Harun war in the end ended up being the key to victory or I would've been short on cash to complete the win.
  4. leif erikson

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    Feb 2, 2003
    Plymouth, MA
  5. goyal

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    Sep 9, 2004
    My First GOTM ever !! Turn 345 Victory !!

    For context, I am generally able to defeat immortal but have never defeated Deity. My play style is always aggressive going for domination on Panagea. So this random map was a little different for me .

    Start: Went straight to Writing, to go for GL (turn 42) & NC with one city. Got HG at turn 93. Policy wise went for Liberty tree and Aristocracy (for wonder +15). After some scouting found the map not to be panagea. That was a real bummer. Now, to explore as many CS + AIs as possible (to increase trade and reduce tech costs) shot for Astronomy. Big mistake as there was no need to cross oceans to explore everyone.

    Anyways while going for astronomy settled 4 cities and stupid Egypt declared war. I was expecting like a couple of units as it was King level. But damn, he flooded me with chariots and pikes. Luckily my 2nd city was close enough and Ramesse couldn't decide which one to go for. He kept sending units at both until they were all dead.
    Tried to sign off peace but given my weak military he wouldn't without extortion. Lol..never felt this humiliated even on Immortal and isn't Egypt supposed to wonder whore and then give up to me ;). Alas this time he decided otherwise.

    Medieval: Turn 142: Porcelain tower constructed. The only benefit of shooting for Astronomy was that I got Education early. Signed couple of RAs 10 turns before getting Porcelain. Egypt still at war. I am not training any troops but instead built markets/banks/temples/univ. Upgraded my archers to Crossbows and spear to pike that's it. Egypt comes again, now with Knights + crossbows. Took care of them and this time he signed peace.

    Policy wise, after liberty, went for patronage tree to get that extra science from CS ;). Happiness was also settled by getting extra +2 happiness for each CS resource.

    Turn 218: Rameese again declares war. This time he brings LS + Cannon + Knight. I had 3 cross bows and a Jann. Playing with Ottomans for the first time, I found the Janns really awesome. Kill and get healed !. Egypt bought a hell lot of units this time but janns turned out too good for him. This time I was not looking for any peace. Pumped some more Janns and took out his first city. Upgraded to rifles and an artillery to take out his capital. Gold was coming in good now with the two puppets. Allied all Cul. states and a couple of maritime.

    Ind / Modern: Went to Rationalism to further boost science. Got Taj Mahal and statue of Liberty. Missed out on Eiffel tower even though I used a GE. Timed Sydney house (with GE) to get scientific revolution. Got to globalization (turn: 321) with free tech. Built UN in 14 turns. Had enough gold to ally as many CS as I wanted. Victory on UN vote at turn 345. Completed 3 policy trees.

    What could have I done better ? Not shooting for Astronomy. Aristocracy was also a waste. Actually I explored almost all of my region before deciding to shoot for astronomy. The only region left was the one leading to Harun.
    I should have also kept my GS to boost the techs later and a couple of GE for UN.

    Surprises: Egypt not building wonders, Gandhi expanding with 9-10 cities and allying with all the CS instead of Harun. AI building so many wonders at King. My plan was to wonder whore (hence, researched aristocracy) which I am easily able to do at emperor. But I believe as this was islands, AIs were not at war with each other, and hence built so many wonders.
  6. Carch

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    Mar 30, 2002
    I hadn't played Civ for many months, then for some reason picked it up again in August, and thought I'd come back and try some TSG games. To my amazement, I won the TSG17 Immortal game, but I won it with a Science victory, not domination. Oops. Still, that's the first time I've beat Immortal. As for TSG18...

    I won at turn 420, but only barely! I'm not submitting as I replayed the last turn because I forgot to check the city state numbers and I had one less than I needed. I didn't want to slog through 10 more turns of the never ending war with Rameses, because that late in the game on a Standard map, my computer can't handle it, it gets far too slow.

    My strategy was to focus on gold & science, try to stay peaceful with everyone, trade for as much gold as possible to get as many Research Agreements as I could, and use the tech advantage to defend myself lightly and cheaply.

    Things started out okay, I grabbed the gems to the east right away, and went straight for sailing and bulding the Great Lighthouse. Then began an endless stream of missed wonders. The only two I got through the whole game were Colossus and Eiffel Tower. After the Colossus I built the Nat'l College in the capital (but forgot the treasury) and then settled some more.

    I actually picked up a lot of free ships with the Corsairs ability, so exploring was a breeze. I brought the galleys home to promote them to triremes before sending them exploring. I settled the whales NW and the Wine on the south isthmus, and then I started having unhappiness so I slowed down my expansion. That was probably a mistake.

    Egypt and Arabia were building wonders like crazy, so I didn't even try for any through most of the game. Eventually I built Circus Maximus, which gave me the few extra points of +happiness I needed to continue expanding. I was really stuck, because nobody seemed to have luxuries to trade for, and I didn't want to spend gold on luxuries, since I was saving that for the city states and emergency defense. Even gold was hard to come by, since England, Germany & India were locked in a never-ending war that left them poor. I wanted to soak rich Arabia, but they seemed to have other sources for all my extra luxuries. I was primarily relying on my ships to defend, but I had a couple of archers (then crossbows until well into Industrial era).

    I was slow getting the National Treasury built, another mistake that cost me time and gold income. It was Renaissance, and I had 6 or 7 cities by that time, the map was fully explored, and Ramses, though very hostile, never declared war. I put granaries, libraries and markets in every city, bought harbors when they got up to size 5 or so, then specialized the growth ones for science, and the non-growth ones for gold.

    My capital grew very slowly. I knew this was a problem, but I wanted to save the jungle tiles for university + trading post research, since research agreements seemed hard for me to come by.

    Eventually, well into the Industrial age, Ramses finally declared war. I was pretty close to modern at that time, iirc. I spent most of my hard-earned savings upgrading my fleet to seven destroyers, my crossbowmen to infantry, and I bought an artillery piece to defend the eastern city.

    I held off his attack, and my destroyers worked great on defense. I lost my single warrior (who I had only got up to Longswordsman before he was overrun). After Ramses retreated, he waited some time and eventually offered a plain peace deal.

    As I hit Modern, I was up to 9 or 10 cities, all placed near luxury resources for gold income. Through modern, I kept my high bulb cities doing only research, and my high gold cities doing only gold, and I kept building growth improvements in my first 3 cities. I had early on built a temple in the eastern city, and that had paid off in border push, so I made it more of a culture center eventually building the sydney opera house there.

    During this same time, Ramses started expanding like crazy to the north, and ran into a couple of my cities. I figured this would be a problem, and sure enough, he declared war again, this time bringing air units into the mix. My destroyers helped defend again, but they couldn't be everywhere, and Ramses also had a few submarines this time, so I lost half my fleet. He wiped out most of my defenses, and for a brief time took over the eastern city. I got it back with a few well-timed mech. infantry and a single artillery. After I got it back, I kept it reinforced with four mech. inf, an anti-air, and artillery and fighter planes in the city. I had lost a great general that had been in the city when it fell.

    The science side of my empire was proceeding fairly well, considering there were only 2 countries I could reliably get research agreements with (France and Arabia). Still, I was nowhere near as fast as some people here have been. How does anyone get anywhere near the Modern era by turn 200???

    Finally, as soon as I started building the UN, Guess Who showed up at my door. This was an all-out assault, only this time he had a slight tech advantage (rocket artillery that I didn't have yet). I did get Lasers with a Great Scientist shortly after the war started, so I got to field some Jet Fighters. He was attacking not only my city next to Thebes, but several of my northern island cities at the same time. I couldn't buy up units, because I had to save my cash for buying out city states for the UN vote, so I just tried to slow him down as much as possible. I lost my fleet to subs & rocket artillery, he gradually ate away at my mech. infantry with rocket artillery. My jet fighters and artillery combo were able to take out almost all of his artillery, until he took out my destroyers and then his destroyers covered the entire area with AA.

    The city was doomed, but I made him pay dearly enough that he was unable to get any further I pulled out the jet fighters and escorted out the great general at the last minute. As a final insult, Ramses used an AA gun to capture the city. Egypt also only took one of my islands, as I had put local defenders up there, too, and they were able to hold off assaults by picking off the ground troops. They were getting the crap bombed out of them, but there were no ground troops to take the flattened cities.

    When UN was done, I put my capital on gold, along with everything else, and by the time of the vote, I had about 15,000, which was enough to buy all the city states I needed (even a few that were hostile!). I was still at war with Ramses in the end, but he was short 3 city state allies, and I won.

    I won, but I think it took me far too long, and I wish I knew how I could get going more quickly. Any pointers to helpful articles or threads on that subject would be welcome.
  7. Falk

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    Nov 25, 2005
    Mainz, Germany
    I lost my first Scout to the barbarian camp north of the capital and almost lost my warrior, too, when I sent it to kill the damaged barbarian. Next turn, a new barbarian unit spawned right next to my warrior.

    Stopped playing at this point. :D

    I now move on to Gotm 19.
  8. subber

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    Apr 27, 2011
    straight forward win on second try.
    I messed up my first game not focussing on producing money for the CS, and found myself at some point in time far behind Harun (tech/military/CS wise). Thus decided to go for a new try.

    Settled on the wine NW, scouted culture, tech and map. Blocked Ramses by building 2nd city from SP settler near the gems. Initially traded with Ramses, later he became upset and wouldnt want to trade anymore.
    built a total of 4 cities on the island, built monuments then libraries. In the later game I focused on the money / science buildings, whereas in other games I get annoyed because building them takes so long. Here, nobody ever came close to my island.

    When I got cannons I attacked Thebes (also using units from military CS), Ramses settled for peace giving me 450gold +22gpt. Around 20 turns later with artillery I finally took the city including 3 wonders. Major setback in happiness though. But I recovered by applying SPs.

    Signed a lot of RAs, got Porcellain tower. Until Renaissance Harun was tech/military/money leader but then he kind of stopped his research falling far behind - dont know why.

    SPs: some liberty and tradition, 3 honor, full patronage and full rationalism.

    Last 70 turns were just a clickfest that could have been optimized with regard to Opera House / SPs / GS/GE. :)
  9. StrideColossus

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    Oct 30, 2010
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1961AD
    Turns played: 381
    Base score: 1108
    Final score: 1457

    Easy if unspectacular victory:
    - went Great Library and Oracle for early science boost
    - no iron or horses so waited until had Janissary then mashed Egypt off MY island
    - then focused on the top of the tree to bee-line Gloabilisation
    - used a stack of Great Scientists and 2 Engineers to build UN
    - gold focus and wealth to buy almost all the City States

    Could have easily done this much quicker but was too lazy, expect some forumistas will get really early victory dates.

    Archipelago is probably a bit too easy because it nullifies any advantages of the AI, especially at King level. A small archipelago map at a higher level for a Domination win - now that would be interesting!
  10. Monthar

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    Mar 28, 2004
    Elmendorf, Tx
    I actually played 18 after 19 and finished up with 1d 8 hrs to spare. This is most definitely not my best diplomatic win, but after that crushing defeat in TSG19 I needed the win even though it took me far too many turns. At least I had a decent score at the end, so maybe I'll be near the top of the "by score" chart.
    I tried to take out Rams early, but blew it and had to finish him off a bit later in a 3rd war with him. The 2nd war with him was just to capture one of his settlers before he could plant it near the gems, I just wasn't quite ready to go capture his cities. He gave me a nice deal for peace in the first 2 wars.

    A few turns before I finished Globalization Napoleon felt froggy and jumped me. I was set to finish the pentagon 2 turns before I finished researching Globalization. As such I mostly just had some Janissaries in most of my cities, a few pikes a few caravels frigate and some cavalry the militaristic CSs gave me.

    The following turn Bismark joined in the fray against me.

    Napoleon did capture one of my cities which I was able to take back a turn or two later. He also took Florance about the same time Bismark took Dublin.

    I liberated Dublin then took Hamburg and got open borders from Bismark for peace. Then I went and liberated Florance and push on to take a few of Napoleon's cities, including Paris. Then on the last turn before the vote, I offered him peace and got him to accept with giving me a lil cash. After the peace was accepted he was friendly so I made a nice trade with him. I had the same thing happen when i made peace with Bismark. Of course on their respective turns after the peace treaties they denounced me.

    All in all it was a fun game. I think I may play this one again just to work on my strategy before the next Diplo game come up.
  11. ElWanderer

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    Apr 1, 2006
    Woking, UK
    Turn 307 / 1874AD finish for something like 1972 points. I can't seem to submit my save, though...

    Heh, I did this too, with the same results. Rameses eventually got annoyed at my settling and buying of tiles. Around about turn 150 he finally declared war (just after I'd started knocking out a bunch of Janissaries), allowing me to occupy Thebes which had a population 19 before capture and 4 wonders including Stonehenge and Notre Dame...:lol: I also took the city he'd plopped down near Istanbul (not Constantinople). After that it was a peaceful run to the finish.

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  12. Half Nelson

    Half Nelson Ancient Mariner Supporter

    Jun 10, 2006
    Dundee, Scotland
    Turns played: 297
    Base score: 1058
    Final score: 1793
    I settled on the nearest hill at the S coast, 2nd city to N covering the isthmus and 3rd city on S peninsula (wine). Did fairly standard GL / NC / Liberty start and got a trireme in the water asap to utilise the Ottoman UA. This paid big dividends as I had a free 6-boat navy by end of the medieval period and had explored the whole map. An early war with Egypt pushed them back to Thebes (gaining me 2 cities) whilst I teched as hard as possible using PT/RA etc. Arabia were serious competitors for city states, so after hitting navigation I upgraded my ships to Frigates and took a small invasion force (2 Jans, later upgraded to rifles) to wage war in their homeland. I captured a coastal city (near Barrier Reef) then Mecca and sued for peace. I planned to annex Mecca at some point but never got round to it. My Frigates were by now all Logistics / Range promoted and capable of wasting all before them. I reached Globalisation about turn 260 but took ages to build UN (about 20 turns even with constant GA):- should have planned to pop an extra GE at some stage. I DOW Egypt and captured Thebes at some point in response to a massing of Egyptian troops at my border. The AI all made DOW against me when I had completed the UN (not quite in line with the real UN purpose!) but I had 15 CS allies at voting time. Disappointingly slow at the end, but no real problems. The Ottoman UA was very effective on this map and Jans are neat (I didn’t build a Sipahi). Neutering Arabia secured victory but, in removing my best trading / RA partner, also delayed the finish.

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