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Oct 13, 2015
The Boonies of Central Michigan
Sorry, I did it again. Not in a good rhythm yet.

Last month's game was culture, so I was going to try a diplo game this month. But after I put this map together, I felt like I wanted to play it for culture. So I hope two culture games in a row are okay with ya'll.

I set the start date as the 23rd, two days from now, to give you a little opportunity to discuss.

Also, I set the end for 11/15/22. I debated going to the end of November, wasn't sure if that was a good idea. The end date CAN be changed, so let me know what you think.


Sep 27, 2010
Had a slow start which was due to the terrain I think. My capital grew really fast though - I moved the warrior SW to see if I could see anything in the sea. I didn't, but decided to move the settler to settle on the Dye anyway. On the next turn, I moved the warrior again and saw fish to the west and Truffles to the NW, hmm. Moved the settler to the Dye. Next turn I moved the warror and saw sheep and decided to keep moving the settler to the Truffles in the west which would get extra Fish and Sheep and still get the Deer and Bananas to the east. So I settled like on T3 or 4 on the western Truffles. This would turn out to be fortuitous for the future because it blocked Rome from coming east toward my land.

After exploring a bit, it turs out we are on a small peninsula of land with room for 3 cities. Debated a long time about where to settle the second city; closer to my capital next to the coast/mountain in the NW or close to Milan on the NE coast. I went with the NW location but later wished I would have chosen the other one because there was a fish hidden in the fog which would have been nice to have. My third city I settled on the Truffles on the east coast in range of the bananas and Gems over there. In total, my cities cover all the bananas and luxes; sharing some but that's ok.

Rome and Carthage are on our continent, great, I better prepare for war. I knew Rome was going to be a problem fairly soon so I went with a 3-city National College Tradition plan. I am on track to get the NC around T120, a bit late but ok, especially since it seems the small continent map is hindering the AI because I'm 3rd in Literacy even though I don't feel like I'm very far along. One weird thing is that Rome seems to only still have one city on T100; perhaps he settled another one to the west where there is still some fog but it doesn't look like there's much land in that direction. And there is some prime land just to the south of him that is still empty. I may try to take him out and then expand down there since there is no more room on our peninsula.

I took God King as my Pantheon since there really wasn't any terrain specific ones that seemed worthwhile. I plan on going full Tradition then Exploration for the sea advantage. I may even finish it for the hidden antiquity sites but will have to see.

Here's my map on T101. Look forward to hopefully others posting their maps to compare.


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May 18, 2015
SE Minnesota
I'm on turn 260-something in the Industrial Era. I opened by moving my warrior to the coastal deer, and not seeing any sea resources I moved my settler NW and settled on the truffles next to the river and the mountain. I settled another city on the coast to the NE on the spices, and a third city was going to go on the gems but I decided it would have a lot more workable tiles if I settled 2 tiles west and slightly south of the gems (also on the coast.) Because production was poor I opened Piety to get an early pantheon; was going to take God-King but it was already gone when I got there even tho' I got it pretty early. (usually the AIs ignore that one) So I took the culture from jungle tiles one instead. Temple of Artemis was gone already by the time I researched Archery so I didn't waste any hammers trying to get it, and pretty much the same with all the early wonders including Hanging Gardens and Colossus. (I like to get Colossus when I can and dedicate its extra trade route to send food to my capital)

Rome built the Great Library, but he didn't build any settlers and very little military, so I took Rome for my 4th city. It wasn't easy; he didn't have much military but the city was heavily fortified. But eventually I captured it with a bunch of crossbows, a cataphract, 2 or 3 galleasses that took turns bombarding the city then retreating to heal, and a privateer. By the time I captured it, he had settled another pitiful city so I didn't get genocide hate from everybody, and GL had 2 themed great works which was nice. I have built Machu Picchu and Porcelain Tower. Social policies were a couple in Piety, full Tradition, a few more in Piety (I will finish it eventually), and the Rationalism opener to unlock PT. I didn't keep going in Piety because all the good reformation beliefs went very quickly.

Persia is the runaway civ, but I'm catching up in science. He's taken the Order ideology already (quite a long time ago) and I'll be choosing one soon. Haven't decided whether to go Freedom or Autocracy. (probably Autocracy) This game is not going anything at all like I planned. 😂
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