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Tutorials, References, and Guides: Library

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Tutorials, Reference, & Guides' started by polyphemus, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. polyphemus

    polyphemus join the long blue line

    Jun 14, 2005
    At the Air Force Academy
    Last updated: 7/28/2010

    This is a library of all the threads (well most of them any way) in this sub-forum for easy look up and easy reference. If there are any threads not posted here, then simply PM me with the URL of that thread and the category it should go under. Questions or comments concerning the files in this library as well as the categories are always accepted. Just comments or questions in general are also always accepted. I hope this helps in shortening your search. Good searching and good luck!!:crazyeye:

    :goodjob: =Tutorial, reference or guide I personally recommend
    *=new addition to the library but doesn't necessarily mean a new tutorial

    New Addition(s):
    *Wyrmshadows's Bryces Tutorials by Wyrmshadow

    Models and Props:

    CivArmy's Models library by CivArmy
    Models for poser by Kinboat :goodjob:
    Model Templates by Kal-el
    Props for poser by UtahJazz7 :goodjob:
    Poser Props and figures for Kinboat's Paperdoll by UtahJazz7 :goodjob:
    Poser Props and figures for Kinboat's Paperdoll Part 2 by UtahJazz7 :goodjob:

    Unit Creation Tutorials:

    Openfx step by step by Polyphemus
    Create Units with Openfx by TheMorpheus
    Openfx Skeleton Tutorial by Muffins :goodjob:

    Bryce 5:
    How to make Units with Bryce 5 by Hikaro
    *Wyrmshadows's Bryces Tutorials by Wyrmshadow:goodjob:

    Set-up for Civ3 by Neomega

    How R8XFT makes leaderheads and pcxs in poser by R8XFT :goodjob:
    Unit Making Tutorial by UtahJazz7
    Some Tips on Using Poser to Make Units by kinboat
    Poser template fo 240x240 frame size by NavyDawg
    *How to Make Leaderheads in Poser by Zulu 9812
    *Using DAZ's Michael 3 for unit creation by Zulu 9812

    3D Studio Max:
    3D unit tutorial by Level
    Unit Animation Setup for 3D Max5-7 by vingrjoe

    Multi (M)-Units:
    The Easiest Method of M-Unit Creation by Varlin Saliptor
    How to Make an M-Unit by Jurimax

    Using 2D graphics programs:
    'C'n'P' Unit Making Tutorial by Roman Legion
    Making a Unit's 32pic by zulu9812
    How to Create a Convincing new unit Animation by Dark Sheer :goodjob:
    Maintaining Trasparency in Photoshop by Space Weasel

    ppmodeler tutorial by Snakelover :goodjob:

    Truespace 3.2
    Truespace Tutorial-modeling 101 by Bjornlo

    Tutorials for the Editors:

    Modmakers Tutorial: Add new units, improvements, wonders, technologys, and Resources! by Plutarck
    Briefing for Creation and Customization by GRM7584
    How to add specialists by Buckets
    How to design a Scenario by Plotinus

    Add Units
    Adding new Units in PTW by BamSpeedy
    Adding units to C3C: Thorough guide for the Newbie by Colonel Kraken :goodjob:
    How to add units to C3C: Mini guide by Crist2000
    Era Specific Unit Graphics by pdescobar
    Hikaro's Guide to the Unit INI file by Hikaro Takayama
    *Add two unts with the same name by taube87

    Add Technology
    Connecting the Dots on the Tech tree by RazorWing
    Revolutionizing the tech tree mechanics by Hugin
    How to get your tech tree to look pro by Kal-el
    How to add techs without the game crashing on you by Kal-el
    Tech tree poster and reference by Kuratko
    *Creating an Positioning Techs using GIMP 2 by Varlin Saliptor :goodjob:

    Add Religions
    Adding Religions by Icmancin

    Add Buildings/Improvements
    How to add Buildings step by step (attachment; the file is a zip) by Ukas
    How to add Buildings by Law Freak
    Drawing Domes w/ google sketchup by Traianus
    Add your own buildings to Aerial view by Pesoloco
    How to add improvements in C3C by Ukas

    Add Wonders
    Drawing Domes w/ google sketchup by Traianus
    How to add Wonders in C3C by Ukas
    Adding Wonders: Quick and Dirty by AK47
    Add your own wonders to Aerial view by Pesoloco
    How to make a wonder splash overlay by mizaq

    Add Resources
    How to add resources to C3C by Ginger Ale
    Resource Map (zip) files by Yoshi
    How to play with sixty resources by RazorWing

    Add Civs
    Suggested Guidelines for Creating new Civs by circeus
    Adding new civs in PTW by BamSpeedy
    How to add a new leader by frenchman :goodjob:

    Add Music
    *Adding'Specifying Custom Music for Civ3 by Colonol Kraken
    Customizing Era Specific Backgound Music in C3C by MSTK

    Map Making
    How to make an accurate map by Exsanguination
    World Map w/ grid overlay
    How to play on earth map with all the correct locations in 30 sec by Marla Singer

    Add Leaderheads
    How to make a leaderhead in Poser by gael
    How to make flag Leaderheads by Maisse Arsouye
    How to make a leaderhead work by paasky
    *How to Add Leaderheads by d.highland

    Conversion/Extraction Tutorials
    How to extract Units and sounds form StarWars: GB by polyphemus
    How to convert an AoM Unit by The Morpheus
    How to Extract Units form RoR and AoE by thegreats

    Palette Editing
    Pedit tutorial by Polyphemus
    Get a Working Palette in under 10 min!! [new method and free programs] by Polyphemus:goodjob:

    How to change the font!! by taube87
    Make your own CIV movies!! by Polyphemus
  2. Synsensa

    Synsensa Deity Retired Moderator

    Nov 19, 2006
    Once you read this, you can delete it poly.

    The Inserting Units into C3C by Colonel Kraken doesn't work anymore, it links to transparency tutorial.
  3. polyphemus

    polyphemus join the long blue line

    Jun 14, 2005
    At the Air Force Academy
  4. Cruel

    Cruel King

    Jun 22, 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Anyone about diplomacy mod? Thanks!:goodjob:
  5. Diamond Jack

    Diamond Jack Chieftain

    Oct 7, 2007
    Is there a Tutorial that would help me add Races and different style of cities? Thanks in advance
  6. polyphemus

    polyphemus join the long blue line

    Jun 14, 2005
    At the Air Force Academy
    If you want ot change the look of your cities then ask varwnos, he created a lot of wonderful city sets that you might use. To add races, look under the "Add Civs" section here.
  7. pi4t

    pi4t Warlord

    Aug 2, 2009
    None of the tech tutorials are really very clear, can someone give a full tutorial on how to add a tech for someone without GIMP please?

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