Ugly Palace Contest

I'm at the finishing stages of building the ugliest palace ever. Just two or three details left...:D
The one I'm making is the most :crazyeyes: ever!!! It does have some similarities to yours though. ;)

(The guy that will build something like this in the RL is an :alien:)
I never upgrade my palace. Its a waste as far as I can see.
Originally posted by Becka

Duh! It's obvious they go in through the main entrance, take the elevator up a couple of floors and voíla! Your Mayan people are set to worship any god they please. :cooool:
Didn't you know that?

Doh!No,I didn´t.It´s all so obvious now. :spank:
Suppose that´s why my ppl are starving,they didn´t build a granary cuz they were busy fiddling out how to spell elevator without alphabet,lifting it up without steel ropes and not having any dideldi music due to lack of electricity :p


I don´t know why I´m replying to StugIII,but you seem to find nothing good in this game at all,yet spend ages moaning about it in this forum.I´m not saying it´s perfect,we all wanted this and that,but it is a good game.
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