UI downscaling (for iOS)


Mar 8, 2020
This might exist already, but I can't find it anywhere : a simple mod to automatically downscale the UI to a preset or user inputted value. On the iPad the UI is too big and clutters up the viewable area, so right now the solution is to open up the debug menu and enter "ui scale 1.7" (for example). I don't always have a keyboard handy, so after a crash and restart (which is not infrequent) I'll get stuck with the default UI size for a while.

Right now the closest mod I've found that could do this is this one :
But it adds options to a menu that isn't accessible in the iOS version, and it presumably works like this option in the AppOptions.txt :
;UI will be scaled by 1 plus this value, non-integers may cause small artifacts
UIUpscale 0.000000​
which isn't great with negative values (on iOS at least -- enter any value, even one after the point, like -0.1 and it downscales everything to a ridiculously small size).

Is it possible to build a mod that essentially opens up the debug menu and changes the value of the ui scale to, for example, 1.7?

Thanks in advance!
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