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UI - Tech Enhancement Icons

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Mod Components' started by whoward69, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. whoward69

    whoward69 DLL Minion

    May 30, 2011
    Near Portsmouth, UK
    Replaces the "10-point star" on the Tech Tree buttons with specific icons to visually indicate what each bonus is, without having to mouse-over to read the tool-tip.

    (Flick between the second and third images below for before and after pictures.)

    Many, many thanks to DJSHenninger for providing the icons.

    The system is data driven
    • a new improvement can add the associated icon sheet (atlas) entry (via the new YieldBoostAtlas and YieldBoostIndex columns) and the code will pick it up as required.
    • a new enhancement (requires DLL modding, eg Vassalage) can add the associated entry to the TechEnhancementIcons table and the code will pick up the new enhancement and display its specific icon.

    NOTE: Incompatible with any other mod that alters the TechTree core files (TechTree.lua/xml, TechButtonInclude.lua and TechHelpInclude.lua) BUT includes the ShowInTechTree code

    • Is this compatible with other Pick'N'Mix mods that change the tech tree - Yes (although you'll need to get the latest versions of the mods, there are only three: UB - Basilica; Civ - Morindim; Tech - Boat Building)
    • Is this compatible with CP/CPB - No
    • Will I be making it compatible with CP/CPB - No (CP/CPB modifies the TechTree core files)
    • Could CP/CPB include these code mods and icons - Yes
    • Is this compatible with EUI - No
    • Will I be making it compatible with EUI - No (EUI heavily modifies the TechTree core files)
    • Could EUI include these code mods and icons - Probably

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