Ultimate Civ3 reveal map Bug?

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I would prefer them to take it out.

However, if they don't, I think that when using this and winning the game, or retiring, your ruler should by definition come out as "xxxx the Cheat".

I think that this is probably the best idea!

We need something to identify people who use this in the GOTM. We all know that some people DO cheat.
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Actually like I've said before..this was sheer luck and we owe the discovery of the "bug" to Mr. Gates. It was Outlook Web Access (OWA in my previous post) that, for some reason wanted to rename the game my friend sent to me...Dunno why...Lucky I was too lazy to edit the name, huh? :)

So, Microsoft is spying on Firaxis, too! :eek:
I don't know why everyone keeps refering to this as a bug. It is clearly something that was added by the developers to be able to check out thing in the game during the development. And that someone would just by save a game with this name by "mistake"??? Noooowaaaay! :crazyeyes
Actually, he's right. This is sheer luck. "multipart" is a tag used in mail gateways to describe a MIME message (it's used to split the message file in different parts, the one with text only, the binary file for attachment, the html part...etc).


This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable


content-type: application/pdf; name="NetCost-93-20020208.pdf"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
content-disposition: attachment; filename="FUBAR.pdf"

So, it IS really luck :D A bug from microsoft OWA which renames attached messages.

Now, what is the real part in the name which triggers the cheat? Could anyone test this out? I'm at work ... Maybe it's just the name "multi" in the saved game (somehow an embryonic multiplayer mode testing?)

Have you folks actually realized that this is a HUGE step towards a scenario editor?????

Thanx for posting it! :goodjob:
According to Grey Knight it is 'multi' that triggers it. But i´m not in a position to try it right away.

Originally posted by Grey Knight

Actually, a little testing showed that having "multi" (in lowercase) anywhere in the name turned on God mode.

Civ III meets Populous :goodjob:

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Well, this generated some interest, huh? Funny enough when I posted this in alt.games.civ3 noone seemed to notice.

What kind of site is alt.games.civ3? Never heard of it. Perhaps not a huge loss, anyway, since they are obviously a bit slow. :rolleyes:
I think it should be left there, but if a game is loaded with this "god mode" on, the save game should be permanently marked as having been opened with it.

Some kind of indication on the information screen you get when first loading a game would be best. The screen that tells you the skill level and the Civ your playing with.


On second thoughts, even that could be abused in GOTM with multiple saves. One to play with and one to cheat with.

Take it out.
Originally posted by McFlyen
Hi Guys,

Well, this generated some interest, huh? Funny enough when I posted this in alt.games.civ3 noone seemed to notice.

I can see six replies ATM.

Originally posted by Mr Spice

What kind of site is alt.games.civ3? Never heard of it. Perhaps not a huge loss, anyway, since they are obviously a bit slow. :rolleyes:

alt.games.civ3 is a Usenet newsgroup, not a web-site.

Usenet is extremely worthwhile and you ought to search for an FAQ and get yourself a usenet client.

Thanks for the advise. :) I will check it out.

Btw, why is usenet extremely worthwile? Not trying to be a smart-guy or anything, just beeing curious.
I've not checked this out yet but it sounds like good news. Sounds like the original cheat mode which was part of CIV II. It's useful to examine different strategies. to check on the way the AI works etc etc. In CIV II your score was marked as having used the cheat mode.

So no problem. The "Iron Men" can continue to play the way they do now, and the tinkerers have a new tool to play with. Not a bug, just an option to find out more about the game.

I'm not a competitive HOF or GOTM type person but obviously, it is best if scores are highlighted as having used this to keep competitive play as clean as possible.
Here's a sample file. The Chinese are busy harrasing the French whilst I am going about annexing all of France.

As long as the game name has "multi" in it, it works. You can even save the game that way inside CivIII - no need to go Exploring and renaming it.

I hope they keep it - it is great fun. Only thing I hope for is that it keeps you out of the HOF.

Also, there needs to be a flag somewhere in the save game which permanently disables multi view. Otherwise it opens a lame cheat for GOTM -- make a copy, rename it to multi, and use it to plan. Then go attack...

Now that is just cool! I agree completely with Killer!
This is a scenario editor in the making! If there are more of these, maybe we could piece together the old "Cheat Mode"!!!!!!!!!!!

And then we're almost there. I can't wait. I really miss scenarios.
So with this cheat, and the unlimited Bombard cheat, I conceivably could ruin civilizations across the globe I haven't even met yet? How would this effect diplomacy? Could they get mad at me without ever communicating? Hmmm....
you know what this is really good for? Find those f-ing miserable respawns! I just hate it when a civ respawns in my back and I can`t contact it and make peace until they bring 3 Horsemen from a place I`d blocked off and destroy my Worker... :aargh:

but now i simply check where they respawn. Seems only fair; essentially they should be a new civ with zip knowledge of the map - but they keep the one from the civ I killed off. Only fair, when I check the Cheatmap for their position!
I would be satisfied that in the next patch, Firaxis keeps this little toy but also makes it mark your games as 'cheat' when you are finished - like in Civ2.

Now we will know so much more about the AI... it is doomed! :crazyeyes
OK, I've heard several suggestions as to what should be done with this cheat.

It seems lots of people want to keep it so that they can check up on the AI for scenario and customization purposes. Others just want to have 'fun' being omnipotent. I can see the merits of both.

HOWEVER, use of this cheat in the HOF and GOTMs cannot be allowed to happen!

SO, instead of removing the cheat, or having a 'cheat' flag that comes up when you activate it (which can be gotten around with multiple saves), I have another suggestion.

Back when we are setting up the game, choosing barbarian levels and such, there should be a rule toggle that activates or disables the cheat. This would allow mod-ers or anyone else the use of the cheat, but at the same time it could be disabled for the GOTM and HOF games.
So this "feature" was discovered by accident? Weird.

But if this is was built in for playtesting....I wonder what other cheats are in there? And have we fiddled around with this one to see if any key combinations do unusal things once this cheat is activated?

Until the programmers come on here and explain the purpose and functions of this cheat....we'll just have to experiment and find out.;)
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