Ultimate Civ3 reveal map Bug?

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Originally posted by Zouave
Only Firaxis would be so petty and vicious as to remove the "multi.sav" cheat.

The Civ 2 Cheat Mode was one of the best parts of the game as you could switch sides, control accelerated startups, or quickly run a dragging game.

And if I want to just outright CHEAT (like the AI does) WHY NOT?? I paid my fifty bucks, let us have FUN. Remember what FUN is, Firaxis?

I'll never buy PTW if I can't control that crazy Culture Flipping at least in historical scenarios, and if I can't get something like the Cheat Mode back. Never.
The bug was to save the game as multi.sav, but this was corrected in 121f.
Hey you!!! Really cool guys!!! Good day!!!|

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This bug must only work with the original graphics files. I have loaded a number of mods, and the cheat does not work.
Has anyone ever considered that the cheat mode still exists, and all Firaxis have done is to change the name that the file must be renamed to to something a lot more obscure?

I would imagine that they still want a cheat mode for playtesting. Perhaps someone with a hex editor or similar could check it: :confused:
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