Ultra fast conquest victory


Dec 25, 2001
Ok, so I wanted to play a nice small game, and I didn't want to start too close to my neighbors. I picked a tiny 80% water archipelago map on Monarchy and randomized everything else. Here's a pic of my starting location.
Ok, so I'm English, eh? Well, that suits an archipelago map I guess. I send out my scout to pop that goody hut, and immediately I come across the Russians. Whoa, they're right next to me! Ok, not what I wanted, but I'll deal with it. My worker start working, my scout start scouting, and... umm... guys... this was NOT what I had in mind. We're all crammed together like a can of sardines!

Take a look at this:
For pete's sake!!! I have NO idea how much land France or Russia have at their disposal, but presumably not too much since it's an archipelago map. Still there's no way they can have less than Germany and my English!

Ok, what to do? Well, this is a tiny map, so it looks like all my opponents are right here, I don't need to worry about anyone else building up somewhere inaccessible all by themselves. So, the only solution is, immediate and constant war until the Known World is mine! Ooh, look at the vast waters, scary, we won't go that way... good thing we won't need to. :) Maybe someday when we've got this rock all to ourselves and we need some new challenges.

Ok, so first order of business to to build a couple warriors so we don't look like complete pushovers and for MP duty. Next up, a barracks... we get to size 2 first courtesy of the local cattle and whip one up. Wait to grow a bit more, build a spearman and archer (we traded for Masonry, Bronze Working, and Warrior code using Alphabet, Pottery, Ceremonial Burial which we got out of that first goody hut, and gold. Turned out we never needed Masonry but what the hey. :) Meanwhile we've set science to zero -- we need all our currency to support troops! ) We whip a temple just as we're about to grow to 3... goal is to eventually get to size 5, and go to max shields (10 + 1 waste) using the local forests, and stay there cranking out troops for the rest of the game.

2430 BC: We have our first army of a spear and 3 archers ready... we take Berlin with almost no damage. Meanwhile they've founded Leipzig in a remote corner of the island (as if anything here could be considered remote... :) ) so they aren't eliminated.

Since our army was pretty much unscathed, we start it heading east as we build a spearman to replace the one defending Berlin. by 2230 BC, we have taken Paris, and start marching on Orleans. In 2150 BC, Germany sues for peace; they only have the one town in a crappy spot so we agree for Writing and their treasury. We'll come back and finish them later. In 2110 BC our army arrives at Orleans' doorstep and France starts talking deal -- Orleans is in an even worse location than Leipzig, so we agree for the Wheel, Iron Working and their tresury. Now that the east has been pacified, our focus shifts to the west...

1870 BC: Our victorious army has returned from Orleans, and we have another job ready for them plus the reinforcements we've built in the meantime - take Moscow. We declare war on Russia and capture a worker; meanwhile they start the Pyramids??? :crazyeyes: Two turns later we capture Moscow, losing 2 archers. Whaddaya know, Moscow has Iron nearby. :)

1600 BC: After waiting a bit for troops to rest up and a couple archer reinforcements to be built, our army marches to Kiev in the south (located on a pitiful tundra wasteland) and sacks it, autorazing it. Those units that didn't partake in the assault are already on their way north to St. Petersburg... they arrive in 1550 BC and capture it, wiping out Russia. Newly produced units are already heading east, while our forces in the west start heading in that general direction. Some will need a stopover in Berlin, which now has a barracks and is producing units at about half London's pace, to heal up.

Somewhere in there London finally reached size 5, and Paris whipped up a temple to keep it from flipping to France or Germany. Moscow and St. Petersburg are also working on temples as they will not be in time to contribute to the war effort. Also, a (Russian) worker was used to build a colony on the iron so we could upgrade our 2 warriors and start building more swordsmen; a couple will be ready in time to finish off France and Germany.

1425 BC: The vanguard of our army, 2 swords, 3 archers, and a spearman, reaches Leipzig. The fighting is fierce; they manage to destroy both (regular) swords, but ultimately we prevail. The Germans are no more!

1375 BC: The French at Orleans are unable to put up a credible fight against the trailers of our army coming back from the west. Orleans is captured, and the Known World is ours!

Final result: Conquest victory in 1375 BC -- we're still in 25-year turns! Final score: 13753!!!

Wow, I never thought I'd see a score THAT high... early game finishing bonus is way over the top on this one. Pure fluke of map randomization, too, I doubt this one would be easy to reproduce. What are the odds that all 3 enemy civs would be on one small island??? Most of the map is still black!

Here's the final shot, showing the entire Known World under English rule. Note: the citizens want a Forbidden Palace... :lol:
Save files for 4000 BC and 1375 BC in case anyone's interested. If you play the last turn and watch the replay you can see the rest of the landmasses in the game -- there's a whole bunch of them, and they're all small.

I might have been able to save a few turns of transit time and finish a bit earlier if I had wiped out Germany and France at the outset, but (a) I wouldn't have gotten swords, and (b) Russia would have had a chance to build up a bit more before I fell on them, which might have slowed me down in the end anyway.
Tiny 80% water archipelago, 3 opponents (French vs. India, Aztecs, and China). We all ended up on the same landmass, very close together. Only the Aztecs respawned. I'm hardly the most efficient player, and yet I conquered all by the 800s BC and got 5800+ score, on *Warlord* diff. LOL! Just goes to tell you how bogus score is in this game. Like it was that difficult to win quick when everyone's on your doorstep. Score's only useful in GOTM situations, where everyone's on the same footing and can measure relative to one another.

About the culturally linked starts, yep, that was the problem. Of course I wasn't expecting to get all 3 of my opponents being culture-related.

Makes you wonder just how high a score I could rack up if, say, I took the Aztecs and went up against the Americans, English, and Iroquois on a similar map with culturally linked starts... on Emperor or maybe Diety even! :hammer:
One night I only had a little time, so I started a tiny map with only 2 civs on it, and we ended up right next to each other just like this. It was regent level, and I won really early also, and I got over 16000 points! In any case, I don't really consider my game a real victory - it was just so easy. I won the entire thing with three archers.:goodjob:
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