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Um... Let's see...


May 5, 2002
Moorpark, CA
OK... I've Decided to make a new Thready for the Civ II VS CivIII delema... But I've included "more choices" but I did not want to include a poll just cause it is your opinion and is better a debate... and if you wanna start another thread with the poll... go ahead

Civ I:
* Simple Gameplay (could be good/bad)
- To tadays statads... DISGUSTING

Civ II Gold:
* Definately a Classic
* Graphics (easily-seen pixils but easyly modifyed & Created)
:mwaha: Multi (#1 point in this forum, but not that Civ3 will never have it...)
:nono: Stupid AI... VERY stupid AI
- Freakish Zones of Controll

Civ III:
:goodjob: X-CELL-ENT Graphics (more pleaseing to the eyes... our eyes)
- Unit-Graphics Very Difficult & Time Consuming to Modify :vomit:
- Other Graphics are easyer to modify, but still take a while
:love: Gameplay - much more diverse... much more interesting... so many ways of winning... so much strategy (can make your head spin... but that is what it is all about) :rotfl: Also, 16 civs @ the same time is way ghetto, I just cant get over how fun goin against 15 differant opponents.
:borg: AI... Need I say more? (I will anyways) These guys will actually build Towns at "good" spots (Specially Chokes), horde resourses, and declare a WAR - then provide a DECENT offence.
- Spys and Trade - although a good idea... lookin into citys w/ out spys is an OK improvement, but the costs to steal tech, plant a spy, and all the other options cost WAY too much mula... and plantin a spy works what 5% of the time (and when you get cought, other players dont like you)
- AirStuff - Units goin from one island to the next is cute. Not to mention the Helecopter thing. But bombing is rarely usefull - and recon is cute to check up on what your enemys and allys r up 2.
:suicide: Statistics - This really bugs... how in the name of the holy lord can a guy, on a horse, with a gun get defeated by a guy, with a spear, with no walls? I don't think anyone would really dissagree with me on this one...
:confused: How much more there is to talk about CIVIII without sounding too repeatative (Leave it to you if this is a bad/good thing)

* Elevation... mod weather... exc.
* Custom Units (+++++++++++)
* AI sorta smart
* Sea Citys!

*Indians... make game a little more fun (getting help from guys that are not your main oponents)
*Trade w/ home country - no benifit to your oponents... again

*drop me a line if you can if I missed anything... Right now i don't really want to bother putting some counters to some comments in the forum, but if you mail me one, you'll have a nice-sized responce
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