Unable to trade with City States

Paul Mitchell

Oct 17, 2023
Hi. I've been playing Civ V for several years but ran into a problem recently. I always like to try to achieve a cultural victory and this requires an ability to be able to trade with my city states. For some reason I'm only being given the option to trade with my own cities. I'm not even given the option to trade with other Empires=, even friends.I'm using MODs but I can't see I've changed anything to prevent trade with the city states. Any suggestions?
How deep are you into the game? Has the World Congress been formed? "Embargo city states" is one of the resolutions that can be proposed and approved.
From the very 1st time I can trade, even if I've pledged to protect the City State or become friends with another Empire the option to trade with either the City States or other Empires are not available. I've been using MODS but even without any MODs there is no trade available except with my own cities. This might be an example of MODs crewing things up?
There are two possible issues here:
1. Access -- for example a coastal city-state that's locked by ice.
2. Discovery -- customer support told me that a city-state won't appear on your trade list if you haven't actually "discovered" it by contacting with a unit, even though it might appear on the map.

Oh, now I see that you're saying you're totally blocked from trading. If you haven't been embargoed, then report this as a bug.
Hi. Thanks the reply. The computer I was using simply went kaput, yesterday. I was thinking virus. I just did a clean re- install. If the problem persists after I install Steam, then the thing to do for sure as you suggest. Kudos.
The first thing I did after installation was try Steam. It worked. However, I think I should pay heed to what you suggested because I rarely go back to the supplier to complain until too late...
Steam is not known for sympathetic customer service replies, IMO.

Aspyr itself is more amenable and sometimes asks for a saved game so they can study a possible glitch.
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