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[LP] Unit deleting when raiding with Barb Clans mode

Feb 1, 2022
Had a repeatable bug occur a few times last night on Xbox console, full NFP & LP.

Was farming a barb camp on a pole on a Fractal map with thin continents.

Had the barb camp surrounded in both the 1st and 2nd rings on land and didn't have Shipbuilding unlocked.

When raiding the camp, the next turn the camp would repopulate along with spawning a second scout or defender on the same turn.

The second barb scout or defender would spawn first, but my unit who raided the camp would simply disappear. They would no longer be listed on my unit list.

If I reloaded the turn and configured my units so that there was enough space for both the second barb unit to spawn and a free tile within two rings for my raiding unit to transport to, my unit would survive. Otherwise, my unit would get deleted.

I recreated and resolved the bug several times at different points by raiding the same barb camp in cramped conditions with different units.

There's also no notification prompt asking if you would like to delete the unit, nor any notification that a unit was killed in the usual event tree.
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