Unit Request: Hakkapeliitta


Nov 25, 2001
Would someone be up to making a Finnish Hakkapeliitta unit for the Scandinavian civ to replace the standard Cavalry?

FYI, the hakkapeliittas were Finnish elite light cavalry fighting in the Swedish army. They became famous in the during the 30 year war on Gustaf II Adolf's campaigns in Germany and Poland.
Although from what I've gathered, the impact of Hakkapeliittas was much smaller than their reputation in Finland would suggest. Still, they are only non-modern era unit that could be considerd for Finnish UU. And the concept is interesting - cavalry armed with pistols and swords. When charging, they would fire a volley of pistol shots and engage with swords.

Here's one picture

Some live action role players dressed up as hakkapeliittas:
I'd say mainly 17th century.
Originally posted by aaglo
Hakkapeliitat also were good in interrogation -
they forced the interrogatee to drink horse's urine... :(
Is that equivalent to some kind of truth serum ? ;)
Not that I want to try.
I've heard that it was a mixture of horse urine and sh*t, and that it's called Schwedentrank (this could very well be the correct spelling ;)) = Swedish drink.
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