Unit suggestion - V2 Rocket.


Nov 5, 2001

Just had an idea of a cool unit that would be great as unit, the V2 rocket as a predecessor to the cruise missile.

Think that every nation can only have one special unit, and the germans already have the Panzer unit, so the V2 rocket could be available to evry nation, although it is not historically correct (although in CIV, what game is? :))

You can flag the unit so that only the Germans can use it. As I am doing now with my upgrades to pesoloco,s "mine" unit.
And I,m a long way from being done those.

Between those units and the units I get from here and Apolyton, that have no pedia entries, it takes some time to get everything just right.

I,m not good enough with FLICster yet, so most my time is spent altering existing units and such.
if a unit has no civilopedia entries, you can substitute the civilopedia entry from similar units.
for example:
Instead of:
worker pedia entry: PRTO_Worker
Engineer pedia entry: PRTO_Engineer
Use the editor to set them up this way:
Worker: PRTO_Worker
Engineer: PRTO_Worker

this might save you some time.
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