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Units designs


Apr 23, 2002
Massilia, France
As told on the private forum, units spells and building
design is a priority (so unique civ powers will wait even if it is hella fun to design it :D ). Let's try to do it a step at a time: general concepts then stats then production cost then balancing.

Dark elves: (faster units and overall stronger units, some free promotions, more hammer cost and upkeep)

General ideas i had in mind while making up this : Dark elves are not dungeon and dragons drows. They are basically elves from Ulthuan and are physically similar to all the other elves (exept black hair are more common amongst them). At the begining of their history, DE were in poor shape, exiled from the Ulthuan Naggarythe province and beaten by the high elves they had almost not identity and racial cultur of their own and had very hard begining settling in a hostile land.


*Naggarythe warrior
*Naggarythe Militia
*Dark elf warrior

/Naggarythe spear
/Dark elf spear

*/Druchii drannach (Long spear in elf. Must be levied. Bonus against cavalry and small bonus against melee as melee and spearmen groups upgrade to them)

+Naggarythe raider (amphibious assault and low city attack bonus)
+Druchii corsair (dito + commando promotion + can embark-disembark in the same turn + immune to 2 first strikes)

Fury (only 3 units/temple of Khaine. Blitz + poison + no defense bonus + big bonus against melee)

Executor (only trainable in Har Ganeth and max 15 of them. bonus against melee + bonus against armored units)

*Naggarythe skirmisher
*Naggarythe arrow
*Dark elf arrow
*Druchii Uraithen (repeating crossbow in elf. Must be levied. Bonus to defense in city + lot of first strikes + minor bonus against armored units)

/Naggarythe scout (can enslave animals)
/Druchii Beast master (Can only be train in Karond kar. Can enslave animals + give bonus to other monsters stacked with him + can enslave monsters + bonus against monsters)

Shadow (commando + hidden + can walk on mountain + can't pillage or attack cities + can't enter cities after they have left the one who created them)

*Naggarythe ballista
*Repeating bolt thrower (weak bombardment but higher collateral damages, lot of first strikes + can intercept flyers)
*Reaper Bolt thrower (dito + amphibious assault can attack ships when aboard another ship )

*Naggarythe chariot (pulled by horses)
*None (and can't train naggarythe chariot anymore + all naggarythe chariots die ... Malekith law)
*Cold one charriot (more hp+ cause collateral damages + cause fear + stupidity)

Black rider (Great chance of withdrawing + higher chance of causing collateral while attacking a stack + commando)

Armored: (armored unit represent the heavy armored troops like knights and such. Also a simple way to show the effect of gunpowder weapons and other armor piercer weaponry without having to program complicated things)

Cold one knight (more hp, cause fear, stupidity)

Black guard (Can only be built in the capital and max number must not be higher than the number of city the DE has. Great bonus against moral effect fear and terror + hate everyone)


Harpy (can do bombardment run like fighters but can't bombard city + must be stacked to leave a city)

War hydra (can only be created in Karond Kar. Collateral damages + cause terror.

Flyers: (indeed a single unit in Civ represent hundreds of warriors, even if they are powerful, i can't see a single manticore killing 600 warriors and it is hardly believable that any civ in warhammer can gather many units of hundreds of dragons or even griffin. So i think that these units should be used as the vanilla civ flyers... and it is not had to include. You will say:"But if someone takes the city, the flying monsters are killed with no resistance?". No, they are selfish or charmed creatures, we can suppose that they just fly away and leave their masters)

*Dark pegasus (fighter+ high intercepting chance)
*Manticore (mounted by beast master and throwing "deathfist" gear. Can only be trainned in Karond Kar but transfered in other cities. Can be stocked into "Beast master" units or "Black Ark" units. Fighter + high intercepting chance)

/Black Dragon (fighter + high collateral damages + less intercepting chance + cause moral check on tile it bombard exept if city + max 1/city+ can be stocked in Black Arks )
/Black Wyrm (basically a lot stronger but a black dragon can be evolved into a Black wyrm only X turn after their creation + a very small chance to inflict collateral damages on the troops stacked with him each turn + act also as a land unit able to attack and causing terror + can land on mountain + small chance of going barbarian if not in DE borders and if no beast master or Malkith is on same tile)


*Naggarythe galley (transport and combat)
*Druuchi galley (dito)

/Floating citadel (One is given free for each city founded +very good transport and combat +slow movment + defense against spells)
/Black Ark (very big transport capicity and combat + great defense against spells + lot of first strikes + can stock naval monster units + can stock up to 10 slaves + heal units onboard + very long to make another one + max 2/city + cloak other units on his square)

Doomreavers (can't bombard+ cause collateral damage to ships stack and/or the units into a transport + can see hidden sea monsters + bonus against transport + blitz + no first strike)

Death Fortresses (can intercept flyers + bonus against war ships + can see hidden sea monsters + immune to first strikes)

+Sea drake (hidden + immune to first strike + can see sea monsters + can choose wich unit it will attack in a stack)


*Naggarythe gifted (common magic)
*Darh sorcerer (Dark magic 5% less chance of failing a spell)
*Druchii witch (Dark magic+ 25% less chance of failing a spell +10% damage bonus with spells + all naggaryhe gifteds and darh sorcerers die... malekith law)
*Dhar witch (dark magic + 50% less chance of failing a spell + can't be on same square as furies ans assassins + 25% damage bonus with spells

Misc units:

Slave (innefficient workers)
Elven fishing boat
Assassins (can build "Altar of Khaine" 1 time + hidden + +10% bonus chance to sabotage missions in city + can't do propagande and other "non destructive - violent" spy missions + poison + can attack land units + can choose wich unit he attacks in a stack + high withdrawal chance + can't kill an unit but do damage, poison unit then withdraw .... stronger of all the assassins units)

There we go. Hope i'v not gone too much bersek with this :) . If you don't understand something just ask
I appreciate you started this but please wait until it's uploaded so you can comment on units already in.;) Keep in mind that many units will only differ in art and won't have unique names(but still have different values set by trait so unitdesign certainly includes traitdesign and promotions given by them).
I.e. I don't want to have unique units for every Militiaswordsman since the term Militiaswordsman will fit to many civs alike it's more economic to differ them by trait and art only.
Ok nice i'll wait until upload. Just tell me :how many unique units (ie not common units like militia swordmen for example) you think will be good for each civ ?
Ok nice i'll wait until upload. Just tell me :how many unique units (ie not common units like militia swordmen for example) you think will be good for each civ ?

That will differ much by civ. I.e. Ogrelords will probably all be unique simply because they will have units of 3 big guys instead of 10 formation. Putting in unique units can have very simple reasons like this(well ogrelords should get some additional love of course). Or another example: Empire Halberdiers need to be unique simply because I want them to be a coreunit(no limit on unitnumbers) while most other civs will have their limit on "pikemen" set to 10(national unit or in warhammerterms let's say special choice).

Edit: that shouldn't prevent us from slightly altering their stats from the standardclass though
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