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4. Civilizations

Portugal by Irkalla
Sumeria by Irkalla
Poland by Irkalla
The Zulu by Irkalla
The Kingdom of Israel by Irkalla
Phoenica by Irkalla

Beta Version:

Assyria by Irkalla
Sioux by Irkalla

Olympic Games. Avaible at Philosophy. +4 :c5culture:, +4 :c5faith:, +2 :c5happy:
The Internet. Avaible at Computers. 1 Free Technology. +20% :c5science: in this city. Technologies already acquired cost 30 per cent less :c5science:
St. Peter’s Basilica. Avaible at Architecture. +6 :c5faith: Faith, +4 :c5culture: Culture, +3 :c5happy: Happiness
Cartography School of Sagres. Avaible at Cartography. +1 :c5moves: Movement and Sight to Every Unit.
The Labyrinth. Avaible at History. +5 :c5culture:, +2 :c5faith:, +3 :c5happy:
Holywood. Avaible at Telecommunications. +30% :c5culture:, +5 :c5happy:, +6 :c5gold:, +2 :c5science: [CHANGES NEEDED]
The Sphinx
Sagrada Familia. Avaible at Telecommunications. +10 :c5faith:, 4 :c5happy: and 2 :c5gold:

3 New National Wonders

Wembley Stadium – Must Have Built a Stadium in Every City. +5 :c5culture: and +4
Gurongosa National Park – Must Have Built a Park in Every City. +4 :c5happy:, +10% :c5science: in this City
Globe Theatre - Must Have Built a Theatre In Every City. +5 :c5culture: and +3 :c5happy: +20% :c5culture: in this City
New Concepts

0. Frontline [Units can capture Tiles ] (Gedemon) [IMPLEMENTED]
1. Technology Diffusion (lemmy101 and Draewmaeus/Strabo) [IN PROGRESS]
2. Cultural Diffusion (Gedemon) [IMPLEMENTED]
3. Revolutions (Gedemon) [IMPLEMENTED]
4. Global Warming (FramedArchitect) [IN PROGRESS]
5. New Names for Spies and Great Prophets (Genghis.Khan/Tomaketh) [IN PROGRESS]
6. Emmigration (Killmeplease) [IN PROGRESS]
7. 3 Units per Tile (Genghis.Khan) [IMPLEMENTED]
8. Tradable Food Resources (Deep_Blue/ G&K Version by Genghis.Khan/mrc2022). Based on this mod [IN PROGRESS]
9. Era Settlers Mod [IMPLEMENTED]
10. 34 Civilizations in Your Custom Maps (Gedemon) [IN PROGRESS]
11. Extended Demographics (Info Addict) [IMPLEMENTED]
12. UI - Quick City Limits View [IMPLEMENTED]
13. Oppurtinities (Thassalicus and Communitas Expansion Pack Delevopment Team) [IN PROGRESS]
14. Exploding Volcanos :bump: (Genghis.Khan; Thassalicus :thanx:) [IN PROGRESS]
15. Colonies! (Genghis.Khan; :thanx: PawelS) [IN PROGRESS]
I have 2 other suggestions.

1. The olympic games wonder should get a culture bonus at a modern age tech, to simulate its reinventing in the late 1900'th century. Similar to the Petra wonder getting a culture bonus when you research archeology.

2. How about making all luxury resources be related to some building. Like a circus requires ivory(or horses) and a mint requires gold or silver. I know its gonna be hard to fit all resources in, without introducing new buildings or just having the marketplace building provide bonuses to all luxury resources thats not already been "bonus'ed".
Ok, considering that Mounted Archers avaible at Horseback Riding would be TOO overpowered, their PrereqTech is set to Chivalry

Oh and .dll will be required to make Spy Sattelte invisible (EDITING CvPlot.cpp to allow 2 Invisble Units
Ok, considering that Mounted Archers avaible at Horseback Riding would be TOO overpowered, their PrereqTech is set to Chivalry

they should really be unlocked at horseback riding, instead of basing them on the keshik why not base them on the horse archer
one solution might be to add the following to the hunnic horse archer, may move after attack
and then add the plain horse archer, renamed as mounted archer and only in horseback riding
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