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Vanilla 1.978 strange behavior


Apr 26, 2006
I downloaded the newest version for vanilla and pick Egypt first. The scenario goes well until the Arabia civilization is rising. Two of my cities want to join Arabia, but I say no:mad:

The next turn the game asks me if I want to take control of Arabia, and I say yes. Then something strange happens. Two of my cites become ruins:confused:
But I can go into there city screens. Is this the correct behavior when I take another civilization in game :confused:
See my attachment for the screen shots
View attachment 161678

View attachment 161679
This happened to me sometimes when flipping Rome > France. But it was in January. Hasn't happened since...
yeah, this is an old bug (it used to happen with Paris always).

I've noticed that in debug mode the city is shown correctly.
Unfortunately I can't investigate more than this because I haven't got a debug DLL for vanilla (I can create only the BTS one)
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