Votes for Diplo Win


Apr 17, 2009
Melbourne, Florida
Has anybody figured out the votes needed for a diplo win? I'm at 1760 ad with 10 of 11 city state votes for a total of 11 of 17 possible votes, but if you hit end turn you will see the vote counter just resets to 10 turns. The manual is conspicuously vague on this topic. FWIW: Standard/Emperor/Nebuchadnezzar/Random Map

I could have killed everybody twice over in the time it has take to "end turn" to get to this point, because I saved up great scientists to go from economic to globalization in 1 turn (9 or 10, I forget). Yep I skipped the industrial ear altogether. Enjoy the great scientist abilities while they last. They can't possibly leave them this way.

I deleted/gifted most of my units to get a little more cash to buy out a city state or two, which dropped my power to the point that everyone dow'ed on me (They've got nothing I'm worried about, but now the time between turns is going to skyrocket), except Napoleon (go figure), and now I don't have the heart to build some more and keep picking off the little guys until my vote percentage is higher that 64%. If I just had to kill Washington, maybe I would do it, but I think my time is better spent starting a new game.


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