we need the Sensor Array from SMAC in Civ6!

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    TLDR: seen in SMAC as the sensor array, civ needs some form of watch or observation towers!!!!!

    this has been killing me since Alpha Centauri had it, and i cant remember if civ4 did, not even Rise of Mankind -- but this game desperately needs a Sensor Array. imho however and considering that SMAC was future, its kind of a Watch Tower lineage.

    we need the Warning Beacons of Gondor in civ6 imho!

    the SMAC sensor array was key because you would get notice of any radius contact with movement.
    "Gives a 25% defense bonus to your units within a 2 square radius. Eliminates fog of war in a 2 square radius."

    note wiki separates a watchtower from an observation tower which is interesting. because in civ the Fort takes on the role of the military tower despite its general worthlessness (i use the fort adds territory mod), so maybe this whole thread is about asking for Observation Towers akin to SMAC's Sensor Array which a terraformer/settler/worker could build in your territory.

    possible progress tree for watch towers? this may be a memory thing for me but don't most RTS like warcraft2 have watchtowers? but i can see the wood, stone, typical progression... all the way into Radio.

    i also notice in wiki that a lot of these towers are culture specific, the wonderful selfishness for me would be that this be a key addition to the core game. that each Civ have their own unique form of watchtower - note that the middle eastern ones with their longer line of sights were particularly fascinating, so some civs could have better watch towers than others. i found out a qasaba is a type of watch tower, add that to Saudi Arabia's civ? and it stored grain... see where this can go? So for Saudi Arabia they have a unique watch tower improvement that also adds +1 Food?

    i want to put these watch towers along my trade routes - i get tired of parking scouts along the way... or what if a scout can transform into a permanent watch tower as an ability upgrade or something? again this is for site and notice and not for defense per se. Forts are for defense, what civ needs is sensor arrays imho!

    over time these towers could increase in radius, and as much as i would say these towers faded out over time i do believe a lot of these towers transformed into radio towers (thinking of coast of England ww2, where sure there isnt a guy with a torch in a tower looking south but instead becomes a manless radio tower?) - i see some became AA in ww2.

    - thank you

    [on the wish list is also naval fortifications, or at least some enhancement to coastal defense - think how in Civ6 can we get some respect for city port defense? check out Venice, or battle of new orleans, etc where the coastal defense was key - i remember visiting StCroix USV where a couple canons at a fort would own the defense of the harbor -- we need that in civ! or what if harbors can become fortified and act just like encampments with a defense strike?]

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