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I was playing a game about 3 months ago and hadn't looked at it since. I just reloaded it and before scrapping it (since I couldn't remember anything I was doing in it) I checked out the game in cheat mode.

Now, even before checking out the game in cheat mode I saw something strange. The specials on the map didn't follow the pattern in one spot (look just below the legion). I've never seen (or maybe never noticed it) before. Is this because of where the game set the 'seed' for the specials and huts?

This was a randomly generated map (large) with large land, varied, wet, temperate, 5 billion years, 7 players.

Now, after checking out the game in cheat mode I noticed that the German player (who was born after I killed the French player :)) was in two different spots in the game. He was respawned on my continent, not far from me, but then also on an entirely different continent. The first city was Berlin (my continent) and the second city was Lepzig (different contient).

Any ideas on either one?

(I have saved games if needed)


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probably the 0 meridian thing.You may have that rare map that has land on the vertical coordinate 0.If so,you may be able to have 2 cities that can use the same special at the same time.
Yes, it is the 0 meridian feature (bug?)!
I had the same in GOTM9 I think. You can easily check this feature when going into the map editor and looking at the distribution of resources (remember our GOTM13 discussion ;)).
And about those 2 german cities, it can sometimes happen that a respawned civ gets its 2 settlers in different places, most likely whenever there isn´t enough space in one place for 2 cities.
It has to do with the computer calculating the most unsettled spot for respawning a civ!
These both are normal, not bugs, but they rarely happen though!
I'll check on the coordinates tonight when I get home. That's most likely the case. It just kind threw me for a loop when I noticed that.

I've had it where the New Civ Spawned on two separate islands, but usually with one settler each. This time they had two settlers each. I also reload to the point just before I killed the French and checked where they respawned. They appeared again with two groups of two settlers in different areas. Now, this is very early in the game, so there is plenty of open land. But, the AI is being respawned in completely open areas, but then the second portion is going to another completely open area. I've never really checked this out too much, as I usually just kill them where ever they are. ;)
Yep, it's the 0 meridian thing. The speical below the legion is at (1,X). I knew you could use the territory double across the line (Like Lucky said, in GOTM 6), but I had always assumed the computer would keep the same specials pattern.

Any ideas on the two sets of two settlers being respawned in the game? I had always noticed it being one settler in each group if it did go to two different spots.
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