What is an RB SG game?


Dec 18, 2005
Brøndby, Denmark
Hi guys

I see RB SG games mentioned all over the place, along with various rules. However, I cannot find an explanation anywhere about what the games are actually all about. All rules assume that you know what they are about in the first place.

Help an ignorant civ'er :)
Hehe, I did. And nowhere on the RB site does it explain what RB actually is (at least, I cannot find it). There are lost of rules, however. Kindly like explaining the Icing rule in hockey without explaining the goals ;-)
To quote the Realms Beyond Homepage:

Welcome to Realms Beyond Civilization!
We're a community, not a clan, that are spreading across the traditional lines of game title and who are like-minded on several key points...
... to seek challenge and fun, not simply 'high score' or 'the most elite stuff!'
... to excel is virtue
... to look to become friends with those you play with
... to treat others with respect, whether you agree with them or not
... to steadfastly avoid cheating

If you are interested the Realms Beyond website is located here
Haha, I think I looked everywhere, except the about page :) Silly me.

The concept sounds fun, though I have a bit too little time for gaming to join in, I am afraid.

Thanks for the help, guys.
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