Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Championship Game Thread

Aggressive AI won't go for culture unless it controls a couple of holy cities, so Louis would need to roll up either Ram or Sal to go culture. Which is probably for his benefit.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Louis is at +3 with traits, +1 with holy cities, and up to +6 on the start, meaning he could have the 10 points necessary right off the bat with Code of Laws. That said, odds better with more holy cities.
I could see Louis winning Cultural, Domination, or Space. There may also be avenues for Saladin to win Diplomatic or Space. I am curious who Louis will attack after Darius.
Sally rolling over Ramster!
Mehmed with power move :lol:
Sal is going to be very strong here
Louis just won
No one can attack anyone...well, except Louie but he is culture mode
Louie will overtake Heliopolis so no city for Mehmed

Did Mehmed get they Ramster kill too?
Anyone else feel mid-game tension? I'm worried that Louis is invading Churchill with Redcoats... Maybe Saladin will join?
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