What is the best tech?


Nov 13, 2003
Lab 653
What is the best tech?
I think its Steam power. Because it is the tech that makes production better.
Railroad isn't the tech, Steam Power is. Plus you need iron and coal to make railroads, not to mention you need workers too :p

Military Tradition is the best tech, breaks the game wiiiiiiiiide open.
Yes! Military Tradition is awesome!

But so is Writing, Iron Working, and Chivalry
Scientific Method is pretty good.(ToE)
Invention is my favorite, but that’s probably because I play the Scandinavians a lot. On the other hand, Iron Working is great for all Civ’s and makes some serious punishment possible (and the AI will do just about anything to get it).
Close run between Military Tradition and Steam Power. Nothing like using a scientific civ and getting free Steam Power right after learning Military Tradition.

The whole combo is what makes the Ottomans a great civ. Scientific, Industrious with the Sipahi a cavalry on steriods. Industrious workers rail right to your front door where I hit you with a blast of Sipahi which can easily beat out riflemen defenders and make mincemeat out of musketmen. Also can get a golden age out of it with a Sipahi win.

I love/hate the start of the industrial era.
-Nationalism - Riflemen to defend against cavalry
-Steam Power - Rail and a gateway to Scientic Theory for the ToE
-Medicine - Gateway to Sanitation to get your civ really rolling in production.
-Industrialisation - Factory's to really crank up production.
-Replacable Parts - to neutralize Cavalry

I always have to play it by ear at that stage depending on the forces surrounding me. Luckily the AI are morons and go for Nationalism, Communism, Espionage at this point which gives me some free years to actually go after decent tech. Sometimes like to do the end around Riflemen and go straight to Infantry if I have no pressing security concerns.

Most useless tech to me is Ironclads. How did those useless things get their own tech? At that time you are not far from Destroyers and even Battleships. Why waste time on Ironclads. I also do not think I have ever researched Amphibious whatever. Marine's are mosty useless.
In my last game, Ironclads were actually pretty key. Best ship anybody had at the time were Frigates, and I DESTROYED people in the oceans. They're slower than dirt, so you need a lot to provide adequate coverate, but they do the job.

I think they split 'em off so that

1) Frigates saw the light of day

2) Steam Power isn't QUITE as uber.
No votes for Fission yet?! :eek:

Getting there is critical if you're going to beat the AI to the UN and prevent a diplomatic loss. Of course it's also helpful it eventually getting those wonderful ICBM's a few techs later. :rotfl:
Ooh ooh Motorised Transport - Tanks. Love tanks
And Military Tradition
And Iron Working
AND Chivalry
AND Steam Power

Cripes I love em all. Every discovery means your that much closer to winning. Especially when you beat the AI teams to it.
Steam Power is great. Transforms you empire so greatly, I love it. Pretty much any early industrial tech is something I like. Can't beat Nationalism when you have a monopoly on it.
Originally posted by Kaiser_Berger
Steam Power is great. Transforms you empire so greatly, I love it. Pretty much any early industrial tech is something I like. Can't beat Nationalism when you have a monopoly on it.

Monopolies are so much fun. One of the best things about Nationalism is getting a monopoly(and defensive units that don't require resources :D )
I love getting Steam Power and Industrialization before any other civs. Great bargaining tools, if you need them at the time. Computers I also find to be key in my later game. Until you get that there's nothing that can even try to stand up to tanks. Infantry don't really do the job.
Liturature, Education, Military tradition, Steam, and Computers are all good. My favorite is probably Replacable Parts. Infantry, Artillery, rubber, faster workers, and now civil engineers make it pretty good. Of course I like railroads but steam doesn't give much else.
Synthetic Fibers, actually. Modern armors... mhhhh...
I like my civ games to be long and huge, so I always try to get at the end of the tech tree. And every time the Ai gets angry or in its bully mode, I'm just thinking... Synthetics Fibers here I come... I'll make you swallow these requests of yours with a 100% pure homemade moder-armor friggin'shell :lol:
Let us first look at criteria defining "best tech". My favourites are:

- the tech which gives you a big advantage over your competitors.

- the tech, which gives an advantage only to the first civ getting it.

In the Ancient Age it is map making, because clever trading will give you a lot of techs and money.

In the Middle Ages it is astronomy/navigation, because you can be the first to do oversea trades and secure luxuries.

In the Industrial Ages it is steam, because you can secure coal if necessary and a human built railroad network far outperfomes the AIs.

In the Modern Times it is computers, because you will get the tremendeous science and cultural push from research labs.

E.g. Scientific Method and Fission I consider not as vital, because with clever pre-builds you can get the tech later and stilll build the Wonders.
No one for philosophy yet? :( C'mon this one is really important and trade for good.
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