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What is this mod?


Sep 29, 2022


I found some screenshots on steam, the map is unusually huge, but the uploader didn't reveal its name, does it exist in the forums?
The three-tail Crit is certainly pleasing to the eye. However, in this case, this is achieved by extremely inflating Europe. That is, in fact, the map is not that big, something between 200 and 250, probably. 360/180 gets the same Crit without such specific distortions.
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Looks like Realism Invictus. I think the scenario is 1250AD which isn't downloadable anymore.
In fact, neither of the two scenarios is relevant to the 1250th. The lower map shows the 9th century, the upper one shows the 14th, shortly before the Hundred Years' War. For there is a short peak in the expansion of the Delhi Sultanate to the south and an independent Norway.
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