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What is your Top 3 Strongest Pantheons?

I had a ton of success once with Ceremonial Burial (gain :c5faith: when an owned unit is killed) + Orders (bonus XP for units) + Zealotry (purchase land units with :c5faith:). It basically enables full-attrition, you can trade very aggressively and just replace anything that dies. The orders means that everything comes out with two promos too. I was also playing Arabia though, so maybe they're just that good.
This is my "A-ha!" enlightenment moment. I have chosen hero worship with my Aztec game and right now I barely produce them but get them with zealotry so the 15% military production is worth nothing actually. Thank you
I find most depend on what civ you are playing and the land where you start.

However, the one that most often makes it to the top for me is Goddess of Protection.

The +10 HP healing is always useful, from the start to the end. If you happen to get Fountain of Youth, your units heal so quickly in friendly lands that you can cycle them back into combat in 1 or 2 turns.

I would almost go so far to say that it would be near impossible to lose a defensive war with both.
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