[C3C] What - no collateral damage?

It doesn't take away the advantage of artillery. Bombardment with artillery in Civ3 does not risk the artillery unit. (Bombers may be at risk if the defender can shoot them down.) I can haul my artillery around and red-line every unit I meet, without ever risking losing a unit. (If I play as Korea, I can kill them, too.) They let you take out TOW and Mech Infantry units in a metropolis with only cavalry armies, so you can destroy a modern aged opponent while you are still in the middle ages. (You do need a giant stack of cannons for this, of course.)
I now realize the value of the artillery, after playing thru a couple more games. A stack of 8 or more artillery is a powerful weapon on the small maps I have been playing. On larger maps I imagine an even larger stack would be needed. Bombard them down to red then destroy with an offensive unit. Very satisfying.
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