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What recourses for which units ??


Sep 18, 2001
Hi there

What resources do i need for what units. Whit my techs i was far away but i was not able to create a canon or a knight or a swordsman.

For example Iron is neccesery for what units and horses for what units?? I must have them otherwise i cant build these units though i have the tech???

please help me the last game was a deasaster, cause i had many techs but could not build the strong units. I want the next game to be asskick the AI to moon:cry:

thanks for help
You can look in the civilopedia for details of what each unit requires. Basically the requirements are:

Iron - all ancient foot soldiers except bows, spears and warrior. Also needed for Knights and cannon
Horses - all horse units
Saltpeter - all units carrying guns until Rifleman. Also needed for cannons
Rubber - all ground units after Rifleman
Oil - all mechanized units and aircraft
If you don't have a certain resource, like Iron for Swordsmen, then you could try trading for it. It may cost a bit... Or take the naughty route and attack for it. If you do, try building a new city ON the resourrce and just jam as many Spearmen as you can into it, while the rest of your nation builds Swordsmen. Building a city on the resource makes sure the original owner can't get it back without taking your city (that is stocked with many many defenders).

If you feel lucky, you could skip Iron and hope you get Saltpeter. Or maybe play as India, whose War Elephant is the same as a Knight but requires NO Iron or Horses. Stompy Green anyone?
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