what WOULD a game with my (and other people's) suggestions (radical) look like?

Jan 13, 2022
today, I answer that question. thank you boris, angrysand, naokaukodem, and others. one thing to know is that Phases are regional (save for Phase 7). For example, America, China, and Greece may be Phase 6 superpowers, but the random tribe in the Kolgrandian Rainforest is still Phase 1. the players will envy that lucky fellow

Phase 0 (Extinction)

All humanity, or even all life on the planet, is extinct.

Phase 1 (Neolithic Search)

The players look for habitable places for a civilization, splitting into many different tribes along the way. Depending on the climate, biome, and soil quality the players may progress to more complex societies or stay as primitive hunter gatherers. for instance, if the player stays in an alpine or arctic environment, they won't have the opportunity to develop into an agricultural society.

Phase 2 (Developing Society)

Now all of the players begin to develop their civilization through randomly generated mythology and legends relating to their environment. If there was a major flood, a myth about a global flood will appear in universe. At the end of this stage the first permanent cities develop, whereas before there were nothing more than collections of villages.

In the conservative idea, simply replace this with 'you turn into a Civilization from one of the list'

Phase 3 (Early Urban Civilizations)

Essentially a game stage limited to the players lucky enough to stumble upon an area with easy agriculture. At low tech levels and low levels of communication between civilized and uncivilized areas, only the areas near the equator and with enough water (through climate, rivers or lakes) would have proper urban civilizations. Even the players at European latitudes would be 'uncivilized'. However, even the 'uncivilized' would be able to continue the Early Game stage and even interact with players at the Mid-Early Game stage to give them technological or cultural advances. Or just conquer them.

Players rarely to semi-commonly interact with their neighbors.

Phase 4 (Connected Urban Civilizations)

Trade common across most of a continent, the players know of their neighbors and frequently interact with them, beginning to form ancient empire. The players, however, would rely on in universe generated rumors for any other players that are beyond a certain distance

Phase 5 (Early Global Connection)

Now the players begin to know each other from vast distances like the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. The beginnings of a global trade network are laid down.

Phase 6 (Middle Global Connection)

Now the players can read what's going on in another country even when they're thousands of kilometers away. Economics also become extremely globalized and cultures begin to interact with each other on a massive scale.

Phase 7 (Extreme Global Connection)

Basically a one world government


sometimes a meteor hits. Sometimes it's a nuclear war. Sometimes it's climate change. But in either case, a Collapse will happen, sending the game back one or multiple stages at once. A few examples:

Bronze Age Collapse: Drought, volcanic eruption, migration = pretty much the destruction of the Bronze Age World and a revert to Phase 2 from Phase 3 (?)

Fall of Rome: A hundred reasons why, but the important thing is that a massive Phase 4 empire (or half of it) exploded, thus severely deurbanizing the region and bringing it back to Phase 2.

this turns Civ history cyclical, and allows new phases of civilizations to develop.
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Fall of Rome: A hundred reasons why, but the important thing is that a massive Phase 4 empire (or half of it) exploded, thus severely deurbanizing the region and bringing it back to Phase 2.
Did the fall of Rome actually cause deürbanisation? How common has deürbanisation been throughout history?
Deurbanization isn't what's bringing back civ since civ has all terrains and non urban features. Civ doesn't just focus on urbanized societies.
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