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Blood Lust

Jun 2, 2012
Hi All

I have been studying for a computer science degree, and I`m a fan of Civilization 1. So as a private project (which I hope to sell on Steam) I have decided to re-imagine Civilization 1.

Phase 1: Current Plans (To get game functional for Beta release):
1080p game map
Hexagons or Squares
Computer Components:
24 Civilizations
36 Civilizations
48 Civilizations
Commodities Market - Trade occurs automatically based on which commodities you allow for export/import, other civilizations you have met and if any are sanctioned.
Metals: Gold, Silver, Tin, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Uranium.
Construction Materials: Glass, Amber, Plastic, Wood.
Luxuries: Salt, Narcotics, Coffee, Chocolate.
Food: Fish, Beef, Chicken, Water, Milk, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains
Weather Settings and Shaders: To enhance appearance and for Storms and Snow.
Cities: Will be a tile overlay (all cities will be created as initial tribal overlays for all civilizations)
Tribes: Will be permanent overlays for non-initiated civilizations
Rivers: Will be permanent overlays
Buildable tile overlays: Farms, Forts, Mines, Spaceport, Windfarms.
Mines: When built a mine will produce a randomly set rate of resources (this will not be displayed on the map).
Economy - A per-turn dynamic economy
Taxes - Income tax, corporation tax, export tax, import tax, inflation
Per Capita GDP
Debts and Loans
Game Director - The game will become easier if the human player is bad, and harder if they are good.
Bad human player: Less Adverse Events, Less Aggressive Computer Players
Good human player: More Adverse Events, More Aggressive Computer Players, and if needed Production Bonuses to Computer Players
Warfare - Rather than lots of military units I plan on having army overlays, and an army overlay will have values for infantry, artillery, tanks, etc, and depending on what someone has unlocked. Similar for naval and air fleets.
UI - Develop fancy UI/UX.

Game is being made using Visual Studio code in Python.
1. Would you prefer Hexagon Tiles or Squares? (the attached image is a mock up)
2. How do you rate the appearance of my assets (poor, will do, or good).
3. What do you think?
4. What are your ideas and suggestions?

Phase 2: Develop Game Further
Side Maps: Once the Space Age has been reached maps become available for the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Asteroids, Titan, and Europa.
Aliens: An Alien Civilization will be discovered on Europe and start a Solar System takeover. This will be driven by the Game Director to be almost impossible to beat.
General Tweaks and Enhancements: TBC

Impressions and Comments welcome. Anyone fancy coming onboard with the graphics?


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