Which modpacks/maps would you recommend?


Feb 1, 2002
There are so many to pick, it's a bit overwhelming. Which ones are a must-have?

I can't help you with the mods becouse everyone has to decide what is good for them, as for maps I LOVED Anar's Europe Small Edition (or something like that;)) and a standard sized world map but I forgot who made it. Marla's map is good, but turns take 15 minutes late in the game and I don't like it.
Get Plutarck's LWC mod for better game play - it makes for a much more enjoyable game, tech and unit transitions are much smooth and combat more balanced.
Also so nice new city improvements and wonders. Can't recommend this one high enough.

Get it from this link:


Also the less yellow graphics is good for telling the difference between terrains:


Other than that just have a browse - decide if there is anything you don't like about the game and see if anyone has had a go at changing it...

Just my sixpence :D
Basically just go for those with over 10 pages of posts... if something isn't good, it's not worth talking about THAT much, now does it ? :D
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