Who wants to play pbem c3c?


Jul 23, 2003
Hello everybody!
I will host a four player game, difficulty level not hard, standard rules.
I will accept only players that


Better twice per day.
You must to be sure to finished the game: please no abort!!
If you're agree, please post your "Ok"!
Thank you in advance
Hi Mike! You were never waiting in me, and I'd be happy to join you again. Shall we play one of the scenarios?
I'll play.. the Mesopotamia scenario is great, since most civs are on equal ground.

I'll be able to move 10 turns some days, and other days mabye 1.
Hello everybody!

Here I am, I'm ready too!

Gigaciv (giga = 1 billion turns per day :lol: )
Very good!
Now, before we can start to play, we need to decide the order of the 4 players (based on the geographical location):

Micaello - Italy
Gigaciv - Italy
Playboy - Nevada

benwa73, where are you from? Please let me know.
Also, post me your e-mail address.
My e-mail is farmacia.garimberti at virgilio dot it

If you all agree, I would play a game with all standard rules, not a scenario.
Playboy, if you really want play scenario, we could play ANOTHER game; if we play only one game, this will be a "normal" game.

Hello everybody!
It seems all correct. Now we can start.
The players order will be the following:

Micaello: farmacia dot garimberti at virgilio dot it
Gigaciv: gigaciv at tiscali dot it
Benwa73: blieb at pobox dot com
Playboy: mmcauliffe at pclv dot com

at least one move per day/ no abort game in progress

Random world, standard rules, difficulty level "2", latest Conquest patch.

Good luck, let's begin!!

can we post turn sends on here to start? I want to know when to expect the turn.
Ok Benwa73,
I'll post here when I start the 1st turns.

I forgot:
what tribe do you want to play?

Micaello Romans
Gigaciv Mongols
Benwa73 ?
Playboy ? (Egyptians?)

Let me know as soon as possible, so we can start!

The Hystory begin!

I posted my move to Gigaciv, with this name: "MicaelloConquest turn 01a".
Gigaciv will send his move to Benwa73 with this name: "MicaelloConquest turn 01b" and so on. Please keep this way of filename.
Good luck!
I received the file from Micaello, played my move and sent to Benwa73.

Good playing everyone!
Cox Communications turned off the email addy I've been using for six years (as well as everyone else in Las Vegas).

My new addy is: mvmcauliffe at cox dot net

I had emailed Micaello, but I apologize for forgetting to cc you, Ben.

Happy holidays to all.
##$%^# Corporations! In theory, I have 10mb of webmail space, but your message bounced with only 32k in my trash. Please try a resend, and let me know if you get the same message. I'll check it in a few hours. Please cc the message to: medpotnevada at aol dot com, and I can retrieve it there to continue the game while I work through this problem.
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