Will Revolutions differ between consoles?


Apr 20, 2002
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One wonders how the game will differ between consoles?

The DS version, the Wii remote?!?

What do you guys think?
I would hope the Wii version uses the Wii remote for selecting items on the screen. It would also be nice (but not necessary) if multiplayer were supported on the platforms which allow it. Otherwise, I doubt there will be much of a difference.

ooh playing against different consoles would be fun!
Lol yeah, it'd also settle debates among friends about which console's better!:lol:
I like that more games are going cross platform, but in a playable way :)
I feel like the Wii control scheme is most adaptable to traditional Civ. But they'll probably be overhauling it for all consoles anyway.
Why is the Wii version going to take longer :(
Why is the Wii version going to take longer :(

Firaxis wants to make all of the versions in house.

From what has been said so far, each version of the game (including the DS) will have the same rules. The only difference will be in the controls and the graphics (probably graphics will only be different on the DS.)
To encourage cross/console play?
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