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Will there be alpha centuari II


Jun 7, 2001
Being a big fan of Alpha Centauri, I am just wondering if anyone knows that Sid Mier has plan for Alpha Centauri II. Sid did a good job with Civ III. It would be nice to see some of the features in Civ III used in Alpha Centauri II
Why, Sid, Why? AC has so much more possibility than the CIV series. For one, you wouldn't have the endless arguments in these forums about what is "historically correct" in a computer game. If it takes place in the future, you get to make your own rules.

Hey Mikoyan, do you have a link or know where Sid has said it was out of the question?
I´d like to see a SMAC 2 as well. SMAC is a great game, but could use some improvements, like better AI. A sequel is high on my wish list.
Well, Sid seems to be tired of TBS games, at least for now... And although Firaxis owns the rights to SMAC, the game was designed by Brian Reynolds, who definitely don't seem to feel inclined to make a TBS game again...

If Sid wanted to make a new TBS and Brian wanted to work on SMAC concepts again, then they could join forces to create the ultimate TBS experience... Not likely to happen at all. :(
Based on the job done on Civ3 I would consider a SMAC 2 by Firaxis to be a horrible tragedy. I positively would prefer that SMAC 2 never be done than by Soren and hacks.
Originally posted by jimmytrick
Based on the job done on Civ3 I would consider a SMAC 2 by Firaxis to be a horrible tragedy. I positively would prefer that SMAC 2 never be done than by Soren and hacks.

How sad. How true.
:( :( :(
I hope they never make SMAC2, coz if they did, it would probably look too much like civ3, and that is a drittspill, to say it in norwegian. The only good aspect of civ3, that I can remember in a hurry (haven't played it in a very long time), is the culture thing, that you actually can take over another player's cities just coz they envy your great culture. That rocked.
Oh, no AC2? what a shame!

If they do make one, I'd like to see better graphics, and not such a clear storyline, change it a bit here and there, maybe have a star wars age where you can fight aliens...

AC has much more potential than Civ, but...
No AC 2???!!!
how could they!
I know AC2 would be on my wish list of games...

But there is some light, like Colonization, some fans of AC got together and decided to make a new Free Version of the game, formely known as freeAC, StellaPolaris combines the best elements of civ, ac, and even colonization together to make one really great game! :goodwork:

cool spy.To bad the Firaxis doesnt makes a SMAC2
but then it would be horrible..im happyy with SMAC now but it can get boring....after X years....so now im still enjying :D
maybe we will see rise of intergalactic nations (alpha centuari-like RTS game).
Originally posted by Amesjustin
AC is the best game of this type and Firaxis would be making a dire mistake not pursuing it further

The problem is, the key people who created SMAC left Firaxis and are working now in "Big huge Games" (their first game will be Rise of Nations ). Sid actually had very little to do with SMAC, as BR himself admitted once. Other than name "Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri" and Copyright issues, Firaxis cannot in principle make a sequel. Its totaly up to Brian Reynolds and his team, maybe some day they will return to SMAC , although, isnt SMAC near perfection?
It is a shame. Alien Crossfire is an excellent game. It is far better than Civ3 in almost every respect. Even diplomacy, which could be a bit stronger, is a million times more accurate and engaging than Civ3. I would really love to see a sequel to this game, of the same caliber, of course. It could use an updated interface, more tech options, etc. This game has so much potential as it stands. I can't see why they wouldn't make a sequel. Didn't it sell well when it first came out? I think it did.

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