Winning Deity in three steps


Mar 1, 2002
amsterdam, netherlands
I just won on Deity and hope this will allow me to do away with this terrible, terrible game. The nights of sleep I lost. I post this so maybe this will other people to kick the habit too.

Okay, my three step strategy is as follows:

First phase is war. I usually play Persians, strong attacking unit in ancient times (Immortal). Start by building two cities, relative close by. Build barracks, and strongest attacking units (first archers, then immortals). Use this to attack the closest AI player. Attack and sue for peace as soon as possible (usually after you conquer one third his cities). Get tech, regroup an reattack. Let them keep two cities. Now you should be able to collect a little empire. The conquered cities are usually not very attractive. Lots of corruption, tendency to revert. Use them to pop rush build more attacking units. Now, attack at most one more AI player and reduce him also to two cities.

Second phase is expansion. Build settlers as fast as possible. Use your remaining army to capture settlers from your one or two vasals just after they build a city and sue for peace again. The important thing here is to stake out as large as possible an empire. Build cities on the edges and pop-rush temples or libraries to increase culture, so that they won't go over to other civs (a few will anyway). Get an area of about 1000 squares and fill it with 70 cities or so.

Third phase is culture. Build libraries, temples and universities in every city and watch your culture rise. It should get you about 100.000. culture points before the other civs reach Alpha Centauri. Other then that, once your culture is higher then everyone elses, they start being friendly towards you. Keep your tax at 100%. Spend the money on inventions, until the maintanance costs start to eat into your budgets. From then, start selling your resources (you should have enough with a large empire).

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