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Magirus Deutz, welcome at CFC! :band:[party]

An editor, that can do any kind of wonders in real life would be really nice, but I haven´t found it yet. :D Fortunately for Civ 3 and especially C3C you can create wonders with every C3C standard editor, even with the editor, that is included in Civ 3 Complete (now the most familar version of Civ 3 and C3C). If you open a biq with the standard C3C editor and klick on the register for improvements and wonders, you have the options posted in the screenshot below:

I have marked in a red box the section that is important for assigning a building to be a normal improvement, a small or a great wonder. You only have to klick on one of these buttons to do the selection.

Please don´t forget, that you have to add an entry in the pediaiconsfile and pediaicons large and small images and a wonder splash (including a separate entry to make the wonder operable in your mod or scenario. There are tutorials at CFC about adding buildings, small and great wonders at CFC. You can find these tutorials in this thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/forums/civ3-tutorials-reference-guides.57/ , per example this one: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/how-to-add-improvements-and-wonders-in-c3c.83122/


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Thank you so much.
I think that I am not making every right step...
Until now I did not managed to save my "creation".
I will try again tomorrow and come back to you...
Again, thank you
Magirus Deutz, you are very welcome. :)

If you have more questions about modding Civ 3, I suggest you should post in the common CFC creation and customization forum, that you can find here:

That forum is for common questions about modding Civ 3. The forum you are posting now, is for special modding projects, per example creating a new Star Wars Scenario or a WW 2 scenario with a lot of modding stuff that should be coordinated.
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