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Wonders in Lego form (MOC)


Entry #19: Machu Picchu
Full wonder collections @ https://forums.civfanatics.com/media/albums/lego-civ6-wonders.305/
@MangoCheeseCakey Kotoku in is looking beautiful and sweet! You even made that sweet cherry blossoms, great work! I‘m also happy you even kept it in mind 😊
I really like that one!
Thanks! Although from your profile pic I guess you might prefer it without the minarets?;)

Speaking of which the in-game model has four identical minarets for Hagia Sophia but the real thing clearly has a mismatched one. Didn't find any historical backing for this either so ended up basing it off the actual building.
Spoiler image from wikipedia, note the brick red minaret :

Spoiler the in-game model :
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