World Builder Issues/Questions


Aug 25, 2014
Hi, and thank you for hearing me.

I just made a map in Civilization V SDK World Builder.
A link will be provided for you to download and look at the map.
I want this map to work in Multiplayer, even if they have to download it manually.
The map itself is nearly complete, its only the first iteration, it still need ajustements and
making it look more pretty.

Download link : XanoX, Triple Clash FFA, V.0.1, Triple Clash FFA, V.0.1.Civ5Map

Goals of the map :
- I'm making a 1v1v1 map, to play with two of my friends in Multiplayer.
- Everything is placed strategically, many angles of attack or defences.
- ''Tournament map''; every ressources, every tiles are the same for each starting locations.
- I want the ressources to spawn where i placed them, no where else.
- I want Ruins to spawn where i placed them, no where else.

Problem 1 :
- The map wont load at all when i try to open it in Civ5, even in single player with or without senario enabled.
I did save the map in the right format directly from the World Builder available on Steam, situated in MyDocuments, My games, Civ5, Maps.
It would be great if someone could tell me what i'm doing wrong and how to even test the map.
It does open just fine in the editor, tho.

Problem 2 :
- I want to play it as a scenario (or with all the custom settings i've set in World Builder enabled)
For now, i can't even test if this is working or not, since the map won't load. But i'm pretty sure you can't click on Play as a Scenario in Multiplayer matches. If this is right, how to I play the map with my custom settings enabled ?

Problem 3 :
- I can't find how to set the races to random. In the scenario editor (in World Builder), i need to choose races to set their starting locations. There is no ''random leader'' OR a way for my friend to choose the civilization they want to play with.

Thank you for reading through all this, some help would be apreciated.
We where planning on playing in a few hours.

Ps; I have all Expansions and DLC, exept for maps. :goodjob:
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