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Dec 23, 2005
London, UK
In case anyone is thinking that we normally do an Xmas special game, and wondering where it is this year... Apologies. I was intending to do one and release it earlier this week, but the usual 'Real life got super-busy' excuse got in the way. And now of course the server is down which means I can't upload anything. (Only super-privileged-admins have access to fix those server issues, us mortal staff members can't do that). I'm hoping to sort something out asap - hopefully before the holiday season ends.
Yay! Great to know that the Christmas game is in the works.

Why do we need server for anything other than submitting the final save? Please put the starting screenshot for us to discuss, for one of the earlier games a staff member post starting saves in the game thread and it seemed to work just fine, so you can always do it if server will still be down in a couple days.
Some of the software that validates the starting save and does stuff like generate text for game announcements relies on the server. In principle that's a great idea to just make a game and post it. I think I'll probably end up doing that. But it may mean a higher risk of mistakes 😀
Maybe just post a preliminary starting save, sometimes starting save gets updated, it will not be end of the world if that happens. And we will have something to entertain us during the holidays :)
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