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[GS] Your first Gathering Storm game

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Onii-chan, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Weraptor

    Weraptor King

    Dec 17, 2017
    Steamrolled everyone as Sweden on Emperor, AI didn't do well at all. Time to up the difficulty.
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  2. KnightModern

    KnightModern Warlord

    Sep 10, 2017
    Nope, too far away
    Gotta take a step back (if 50 turns is a step)
    At least I could rush flood barrier
  3. CornPlanter

    CornPlanter Emperor

    Dec 3, 2005
    I picked Ottomans and just stomped everything on autopilot (Emperor, Standard, Continents). I didn't even pay much attention to diplomacy, disasters, world congress and of course global warming. Kind of a boring game, time to turn up the difficulty.
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  4. kingofsealand

    kingofsealand Warlord

    Jul 14, 2013
    Couldnt resisnt maori on an archipelago map, king difficulty to learn the changes before going back up to my usual emperor. Epic speed, large size, level 3 disasters.

    Its turn 250 and ive been bizarrely un affected by disasters. I think settling so many tiny islands helped, even my capital is on a snaky 5 tile island. The lack of contiguous terrain means only hurricanes are an issue and there is enough open water that the chance they hit me is very low.

    The marae is....ridiculous. reefs count for passable features. My map is full of turtles who love their reefs, some cities having 3 or more. Plus the trees and marshes on the land nearby. Multiple cities easily getting 10+ faith and culture yields from direct tile working

    Focused on settling plus 4 or better harbor spots, and easily landed double the points needed for classical and medieval golden age, i was and am still beating korea in science despite not building a campus till after turn 150.

    Have been mostly peaceful, just now fighting indonesia a bit because i got the mauseloum plus every admiral one could want for conquest. the toa was good against barbs, but didnt get a chance to build a pa.

    Also got lucky with finding kandy early. Built all the holy sites i could and gold bouggt my way to temples, currently at 5 artifacts with two martyr propherts on standby waiting for slots. The culture competition is honestly sad i am halfway to winning with only 30 tourists.

    Got god of the sea as pantheon which also helped. Heavily used reyna, liang, and my first pick pingala who has just sat in my capital raining down knowledge.

    I get the feeling this is a very unique game due to kupes abilities. All the huts are yours on a water map. The GA points for exploring are yours as well. You will be launched incredibly far ahead at the start and have an easy time staying there if cards are played right

    Cant wait to try mansa next
  5. Willburn

    Willburn Warlord

    Sep 29, 2005
    Played as Norway. Got my first Deity win on civ6 (never bothered to try before). Slow as I was above 300 turns and the whole 50 light years thing got me surprised. Even had to make sure one of the AI's did not win a cultural victory before my rockets arrived. Really like gathering storm but as always with a new expansions there are things to brush up on. Some of the trading deals that where done where quite bad and also the AI builds some questionable things like canals in all the wrong places. But overall great expansion and can only get better :)
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  6. ShunNakamura

    ShunNakamura Warlord

    Jul 21, 2005
    First game was as Inca. And despite I personally avoiding pollution the ice caps were gone at a rather fast pace. Compared to these guys we apparently are doing a great job at avoiding global warming.

    Learned I hadn't understood the way the mountain travel worked. Makes for some insane positioning shenanigans. Ended up going cultural rather than diplo victory though. Seems diplo is just really slow. I got bored since it was on an easier setting and just finished it.

    Inca allows for some marvelous tall play.

    Now I want to try a Maori game and try to avoid chopping at all.
  7. AlphaLyra

    AlphaLyra Chieftain

    Feb 17, 2019
    Maori, Emperor, Standard, Continents, Small, with "new" world (more hills b/c I like production). Absolutely steamrolled with a cultural victory. Either I got lucky or Maori are OP. I did reroll a couple times to get the hang of that water start--how best to scout, how long to look before settling. What I ended up doing was splitting up my warrior and settler to see more territory. On the start I kept, I landed in jungle, and my warrior kept going and got circumnavigation in ancient era while finding most of the city-states and getting a point in each. Goody huts would have been icing on the cake, but I only found a few.

    Discovered I was hemmed in with Scotland north of me and France (Eleanor) to the East. I wanted to do a toa rush so I built 4 warriors. Then I realized it was going to be really long time before I could upgrade them, so I just rushed with my warriors and followed with some archers. It didn't feel like enough but I flattened France, ultimately building my toa when France had just one city left to conquer. Even though it was an ancient era war, every civ in the game hated me, and I'd met them all because of my scouting. However, the grievances wore off and I eventually built alliances with two of them.

    Built Pyramids and Colosseum, tried to chop with Magnus but chops were weak. When my first marae came up and I saw how much culture and faith I was getting from woods and rainforest, I lost any interest in chopping. My culture/turn leapt dramatically as I brought up maraes, and for once it made sense to go for high population so more of those tiles could be worked. The AI would not buy my luxuries so I might as well keep them. I peacefully stole three of Australia's cities, including their capital, through culture/loyalty. They declared war on me a couple times but were hopelessly behind. My military was just what I built in the ancient era, upgraded periodically, plus a few units needed for the eurekas. I think I ended with 10-12 cities.

    Getting the culture victory was easier than I expected it to be (I was planning for Diplomatic as a backup). I built 2 national parks and some ski resorts and lots and lots of art museums and archeological museums and wonders. Used all the tourism policy cards. I got it somewhere in the 200's. Time to crank it up to Deity and see if that game was a fluke.
  8. teakbois

    teakbois Prince

    Jun 27, 2012
    Second win

    Freleanor, Large map, Immortal, 1 less AI, continents

    Main play was to try out court of love. Ive never tried any loyalty flipping in the past.

    Paris had good food so kept spitting out settlers, even without Magnus. Set Pingala up instead to work towards the great people promo.
    The problem with rapid expansion is neighbors get *****y about it. First came Curtin. As soon as he was done, Mansa came after me. And once he was done Gitarja came.
    I was able to fight off all three but it slowed my growth. Did get theater squares up and running but the rest of my economy was weak. Took a while to grow.

    Mansa came back for round 2, butting his head against the same chokepoint. Had 2 archers/crossbowmen get to rank 4 off all this. Australia and Indonesia became good buddies of mine.

    Round 3, mansa tried a halfassed lake assault on a different target. It didn't go well. By this point I had lots of great works, but no real impact. But around this point I built Taj and got into a permanent golden age. Oslo was the first city to fall. A few turns later, Harald (who had been pissy all game because of my 1 galley navy) ran into my brand new unique unit. Did not go well for him. plus the rank 4 ranged units. Mansa tried round 4, same as the first two. His units were pretty superior this time, but same chokepoint did him in.

    Brisbane was the first big city to flip, 22 pop, far bigger than any of mine. Gitarja lost a few minor ones. Mansa was in a golden age and I couldn't break him. I wanted to break him.
    So I stopped micro managing my culture and waited him out.

    Not sure if it was dumb luck or actual smart play, but he built two encampments near the choke point. Round 5 was about to begin. Menawhile, I had 5 cities of Gitarjas and several other Aussie ones. Gitarja was safe because the reach of my main great work hubs didn't get to her, and I was more focused on Mansa just as I was about to give up a hop a 16 pop city started having issues. Then came round 5

    This time he tried to hit a number of cities, but pretty weak forces at each. Main forces at the main choke point, and was a little tougher to fight off with the encampment fire but still manageable. He bombed the crap out of paris though with a jet bomber. totally decimated its districts. But then his first city flipped. And the dominos fell. In the next 10 turns I had 4 more of his cities, including his capital. I got Canberra too. Gitarja and Curtin remained good buddies even as I had 3/4 of their former empire. In fact, there were diggers in Mali everywhere during the last Mansa war.

    All the while I was getting destroyed by the weather. Volcano tiles get pretty damn nice after 5 eruptions. Also the great bath Australia built saved them from 2 1000 year floods and a ton of other floods. I had some floods in areas I didn't build dams and a some droughts as well. Intensity was 3, and it really kicked up a notch after the sea rise meter was full. it was all manageable though, but sometimes the districts get hit hard with repairs.

    I liked that Mansa tried a few approaches in his wars. I didn't like that on Immortal I could drag things out to the mid 300s and not have any civ close to victory. Someone would have made it to space by turn 400 I think. Fun game overall though. Hoping Mansa isn't this much of a pain in future games though.
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  9. Isengardtom

    Isengardtom Warlord

    Dec 6, 2018
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Eleanor game going well. lots of wonders, a nice volcano and 3 of Japan's cities flipped, even with them also in a golden age

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI (DX11) 17_02_2019 15_42_40.png
  10. PhilBowles

    PhilBowles Deity

    Nov 20, 2011
    I'll update this one as I go, as I'm still fairly early.

    - Started a Deity session, rolling America (I had graphics issues that prevented me from playing for two days and decided to restart rather than pick up my Russia gane) as I always use random leaders. The start was amazing, though I made an immediate mistake in moving my settler to the banks of the Potomac and away from the lake where I spawned - that gave me more useful tiles and resources, and quick access to amber, but fewer hills so I made slower progress than I should have.

    - Early exploration turned up a relic, I was the first civ to contact Nazca and so for a wonder I got the Earth Goddess pantheon. That sent me down the religious path early. I made a quick settler to grab Sahara El Beyda before the French got there and soon had a +5 holy site up and running.

    - This is where things started to go downhill. My most immediate neighbours were the Zulu, who true to form attacked Washington. At the time my military was only just heading home after exploring, so I did what I almost never do - given how much I liked the start - and reloaded after my capital was taken and I was unable to take it back before the Zulu started spawning new units from it, since I was only a bad placement decision away from beating the attack the first time.

    - France was on the other side of Sahara El Beyda, so made a push for Baltimore while I was still fighting the Zulu. By this point I had archers and had defeated the main Zulu attack, so I sent an archer up to defend Baltimore. The French offered peace after 10 turns, though I was watching the Mapuche milling around Baltimore worryingly. I bought them off and soon made friends. The Mapuche moved off to attack Nazca, somewhat out of their way, and failed to take it. The French moved in later with greater success, but the city state held out for a long time. The most important outcome of the war was that, as the French pillaged my holy site, I lost my chance at getting a religion.

    - I had natural disasters set to 3, which seems to be a good level - they were happening once every few turns. The French seemed to get the brunt of a few storms in the desert, but the only emergency triggered in the World Congress was when Montezuma was hit by - I think - a flood. Everyone except Shaka voted to support him.

    - Relations with France and later the Aztecs and Georgia became positive. The same was not true of either the Zulu or the Khmer. The Khmer surprise attack did, in fact, take me by surprise, partly because their colours were very similar to those of the Mapuche but also because they were attacking over sea and I had a view of only the tiles immediately adjacent to my newly-founded coastal city, New York. By now we were into the Medieval era and the Khmer had both swordsmen and crossbowmen - for my part I was still researching the latter. They also had a much larger army than either the Zulu or the French had thrown at me.

    - I retreated from New York and hoped I could contain them there - fortunately the AI now seems to be much more goal-oriented and pragmatic in its war decision-making: the Khmer had only wanted New York and happily made peace as soon as possible after taking it. By this point the Zulu had attacked once again, moving on Washington (complete with battering ram), but fatally failing to attack Los Angeles on the way (I'll add screenshots later). I chop-rushed walls in Los Angeles and could cut off and attack the Zulu force with ease, helped by Washington's position along the river making it hard to attack. Just time time - had the Zulu still had attackers a couple of turns later, the thousand-year flood of the Potomac that almost destroyed Washington's wall would have helped them along.

    - The Khmer conquest of New York left me with a minor dilemma. I planned to get the city back eventually but it wasn't a priority - I'd forward-settled it and it had already suffered loyalty issues, and the latest wars had delayed my plans to settle the intervening area. The Congress offered me an opportunity to vote for a resolution that would propose the reconquest of New York, but I imagine that this will force me back into war with the Khmer even though I may get certain allies on my side - the French and Mapuche had already denounced the Khmer (though I'd dragged the Mapuche into the war with the Zulu so they may not have forces to spare). Given how bad the AI was at winning emergencies in Rise and Fall I doubt I can rely on them anyway, and I can't afford to take the time to attack the Khmer while planning an invasion of Zulu territory.


    Things continued much as before up to the end of the Renaissance. Catherine triggered an emergency when she took Nazca; naturally the emergency failed. I ended the latest Zulu war after taking their closest cities, and continued expanding into the rest of the available territory - at this point rather too late thanks to all the war-induced delays.

    I was now pretty much out of the science game but I had strong culture although only the tourism from my relic. But my new focus was on diplomacy, since I'd learned that emergencies trigger pretty frequently as a result of disasters, and aimed to buy the diplomatic victory points I need. I so far have one (after 4 emergencies, but I now have a healthy income). Unfortunately I didn't realise that voting against a funding emergency prevents you from being able to contribute if it's passed. I voted against one aimed at Jayarvarman since I still don't much like him, but it seems that gamewise there is never any reason to vote against an aid emergency unless you aren't in a position to earn victory points and an opponent is.

    Another wrinkle I hadn't realised regarding the Congress is that a motion to declare an emergency will come up multiple times if you pass, but won't come up again if it fails. I triggered the New York emergency slightly too soon, and lost by one vote - so I'll need to incur grievances if I decide to take it from Jayarvarman. Not that I'm very clear what that accomplishes - at this point I've had no grievances against me, or those against me have been outweighed by those in my favour, so I haven't had much opportunity to test the system.

    UPDATE 2

    Despite being well behind on science my plans worked out for the most part and I'm headed to diplo victory - only for the AI to combine to vote against my victory resolution and knock me down a point instead of my final two, so this game will go on a little longer. New York remained resolutely Khmer throughout, defeating both my and France's attempts to move in - and following climate change it has a much smaller area in any case. I did take two more Zulu cities, partly in an effort to surround New York and try and force it to succumb to loyalty pressure.

    The Aztecs are my closest victory competitor, having too many spaceports to sabotage and having just started to work on the Exoplanet mission. No one is approaching any other victory - the French are technically (just) ahead of me for culture victory, but rock bands make it impossible to draw any real correlation between tourism output and actual tourist influence, and the culture victory screen shows us both about a sixth of the way to victory.

    Not much more to add or that is likely to change this game. I've liked the Congress more as the game's gone on, though the assorted projects seem to be designed in ways that the AI isn't able to use to gain much of an advantage while being mostly exploitable by humans.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  11. Eagle Pursuit

    Eagle Pursuit Scir-Gerefa

    Aug 12, 2010
    I ended my first game last night. It was Sweden, Marathon, Huge, Continents. I won a culture victory before researching Computers. I barely even got Flight. I had an amazing Rock Band that I toured through my main rivals Poland and America. It probably took more than a dozen turns off my victory.

    I don't actually think any AIs were pursuing a culture victory. It probably would've been slower with Russia, Greece, or Kongo present.

    America was apparently going for a diplomatic victory and Poland seemed to be one of many civs trying to get a religious victory. There were several rolling carpets of apostles moving about.

    I never got to actually complete a Nobel Prize competition. I was leading in one when I won the game.

    In my opinion, Sweden either needs to have the culture (and Tourism) from OA Museums cut in half or bring them in line with other improvements by not permitting Tourism from them until Flight.

    I made good use of Nazca Lines in three cities and limited use of Cahokia Mounds in two cities.
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  12. WideCoast

    WideCoast Warlord

    Nov 17, 2013
    Started with everything either standard or random and suffle map type with hopes of getting GS civ's.
    Ended up with Egypt near tundra, but I tought that I'd try them out since they have been modified.
    At turn twentyish I noticed I'm going with Prince... rerolled to Ottomans and Ibrahiiiiim is making wars a breeze. Took out few cities out of few civ's that DOW'd me, but idk what victory condition I'm going. Probably science since I got two +5 campus almost at start and one +6 campus spot pretty early and second +6 is blocked by copper, not sure if I should wait till I can get a campus there lol.

    Definitely enjoying the new expansion! Altought I thought first it's not that big of a change, it's still a Civ game with just few random stuff going on.

    E: I haven't had the barbarian problems some has had at these forums.

    E2: Not sure if it's just me, but it felt like the AI prioritized different units than they did before GS.
  13. PhilBowles

    PhilBowles Deity

    Nov 20, 2011
    No kidding.

    Medic spam seems popular too.
  14. Kibikus

    Kibikus Prince

    Jan 18, 2019
    Well, gotta have a bunch of engineers in case all those robots need fixing.
  15. PhilBowles

    PhilBowles Deity

    Nov 20, 2011
    Ai, I understand now. I'm playing Civ VI against the Battletech AI.
  16. Trav'ling Canuck

    Trav'ling Canuck Deity

    Feb 7, 2018
    You wish.

    I'm guessing this particular outcome may be unique to the Aztecs? does their bonus for Builders somehow translate them into liking Military Engineers because of the charges ME's get?
  17. PhilBowles

    PhilBowles Deity

    Nov 20, 2011
    I wonder if it's prompted by railroad and tunnel mechanics, and the districts that allow engineer charges to be used - lots of civs seem to build a lot of tunnels, though I haven't noticed railroads. Basically, GS gives engineers a lot more things to do so it's more likely this is a GS thing than an Aztec thing.

    Having said that no other civ in this game is doing this - but as I noted one of the others is spamming medics.
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  18. Breadsmith

    Breadsmith Warlord

    Aug 14, 2013
    Rolled Korea. It was interesting having every Civ come to me to buy their Strategic resources as soon as they got the tech to upgrade their units. I'm pretty sure I sold 120 Niter over 4 turns once people started getting those units.

    Also: Mansa Musa is the biggest warmonger in my game. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one he hasn't DoW'd.
  19. Hep Roc Heretic

    Hep Roc Heretic Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2017
    Phoenicians. TSL Earth. This is a "burner" game, keepin' it simple just to learn all the new stuff going on.

    Sumerians, Ottomans, and the Norwegians to my north and east. Before I can explore too far, Krakow decided to be part of the Ottoman Empire. Goodbye Poland.

    No civs in Africa, so I've made it one big Phoenician colony. North America is just as uncivilized -- the Incans show no interest in it.

    Sweden? Kristina is in the game because she will sometimes make a comment, but she's not IN the game -- I can't find any Swedish cities. All I've found is a Swedish settler marooned on the tip of the Scandinavian peninsula, surrounded by Harald's cities -- no where to go -- and a lost Swedish warrior wandering around Africa somewhere. I've never seen this situation before. So...I declared a surprise war against Sweden, scooped up the lonely settlers (this was more of an intervention than a war) and settled them in east Africa among the elephants and volcanoes near the last known location of the lost Swedish warrior patrol. Sweden would have had 100+ grievances against me -- I saw it flash on the screen -- but they disappeared along with the Swedish empire. No other consequences. Well, that was different.

    Not counting the Barbarian infestations, this has been one of the most peaceful games I've played. Looking forward to the next one.
  20. Vahnstad

    Vahnstad King

    Sep 2, 2014
    Low countries
    Inca, Difficulty 4 (first game in longer than a year), Continents, Mostly standard settings... End game was still a bit boring (because i've basically won, it was just clicking on end turn as soon as possible...)

    It seems like normal difficulty doesn't have barbarians (i've never encountered any of them, except for sabotaging by enemy spies).

    I encountered Egypt next to me, i did conquer them. I've also had Norway, a surprisingly weak Kongo (first game were they weren't a runaway civ), a weak Korea, Georgia and Rome. Rome was the strongest civ in the game. Very solid, and they prevented me from winning a culture victory. I maybe could've won, i made some mistakes, and faith is more important for culture victory now. I've also discovered how to order great works finally (lol). I'm just not familiar with a cultural victory, so i discovered how naturalists, rock bands, ordering great works (and trading for them) and archeologists work), so i did win a diplomatic victory instead (which is good because i didn't have that achievement and i can imagine this is going to be a harder one to get on higher difficulties). In the past, i used to be focus a lot on science and domination, but not a lot on culture, so i've changed that a bit with this one (although Inca's are maybe better for science victory because of mountain bias, but this map wasn't a very good one (it was all one continent, so the same luxury resources in my territory). On higher difficulties, i would've re-rolled.

    Kuddo's to Rome for being surprisingly good on this difficulty. Other civs were yes weak.

    EDIT: some things i noticed

    map generation changed a lot (had expected to see more landmass and basically 2 or 3 landmasses, but mostly 2 landmasses).
    - wonders and tile improvements seem to disappear out of nowhere. I did build Huey Teocalli and it just disappeared... (did a natural disaster or climate change removed it?, it was built in a lake). Some improvements in southeast of my territory also disappeared... (could be of floods maybe). But instead of repairing those tiles, i had to use a builder charge on them. It was almost the end of the game so i didn't bother doing that lol.

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