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  • How long have you had that avatar and signature? I'm pretty sure neither has changed in 5 to 6 years, at least.
    I'm sure he has had it a very long time
    Oh, in that case, sure.

    Although I'm fairly certain that it helps assimilate foreign culture to my own.
    I don't owe you that.

    I'm going to be researching Social 5 this turn. I'll do as you say and teach you Social 4 if you pay 50 e out of your 774 e income to the Praxzen next turn as part of my payment for the Financial center.

    You get lots of tech, happy population, and the money gets sent to one of your allies in the war. Everyone's happy.
    If you want to name some of your holdings and mark them on a map, it'd make my life a lot easier. :)
    By the way, would you mind if I set up an IS trade route from LB to SAF 2, or would you mind.
    Alex, I need you to actually give me names of the holdings (notable cities, castles, etc.) -- you have marked where your retainers are, but not the specific locations themselves.
    You're in?

    I would like all character posts to be done by Saturday, and the battle stories to be done by next Wednesday.
    I cannot find the pms of our last convesrstaion about your new enterprises and how I would manage them. Do you have them? That is all I need to finish up your stats.
    Alex, does House of lee want to start its eastern adventure this turn or next? If this turn, then send me your contribution.
    Alex, I've been swamped with elections pms and won't be able to get to your pms until tomorrow night. sorry.
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