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  • Hi is it possible to get a copy of your all in one mod for Civ 3 conquests? the link doesn't seem to work any more
    Yeah, I study there, but I'm back home at summers, and in Bucharest every other day.

    I've returned to lurk around since CivIII is a nice past-time activity for a lazy English Language major student with 5 lectures per week and no serious job. But I do get inspired to make a mod of mine.

    Will see what will happen.
    Hey, buddy!

    Just wanted to thank you for your awesome CivIII mod, and for the nice impression you made on me while I was still a 14-years-old kiddo, using a different account here.

    I still have you on (though you do not use it anymore, eh?), and I hope everything is fine with you.

    So, I downloaded and listened to Suck It and See, and yeah, it was pretty disappointing. Merely average, definitely their worst album thusfar IMO.
    I don't like that you're positioned to knock me down to #4 of the "usernames that start with H" postcount ladder :p
    Holy god, it's hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

    And yeah, it's strangely like me. How curious. I'm not sure exactly what to do about it. But I'm happy. :p
    When I tried looking DL up on Google, I got this website: I'm not a homosexual.

    I think you are asking if I have two accounts based on the context you said it. No, this is my only account, unless you count that one other account I had back in 2005, but I forgot the password and username to that one, so I made another.
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