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  • Mise-ji, even if you are not available on the first day of next month, would you be so kind as to allow others to incorporate the great head into their avatars?
    Is it typical to vote for the 'least worst' chap in politics or is that a terrible artefact of FPTP voting?
    I however despise cities, so I'm clearly not corrupted by "large city multiculturalism" or whatever that guff was. :p
    Judging by the "what are your politics" thread, you and I seem to have very similar views. :)
    Got your world cup sticker album yet? They're free from certain supermarkets. Got one from ASDA. May as well!
    Hey, buddy!

    I wanna thank you as well for the nice impression you made on me while I was still a 14-years-old kiddo, using a different account here.

    Also, you somewhat helped me shape my musical taste, eh.

    Hope you're having great time!
    That said, even in my charming 93%-or-so-white corner of Gloucestershire, there is still an Asian family running our local corner store not 200 yards away. :)

    Fun fact - I lived in Caerleon for two years whilst at university and whilst I met several people who spoke Welsh, I only ever met one person for whom I knew that Welsh was his mother tongue.
    At the risk of sounding parochial (at best), I wasn't aware that anyone of Asian extraction even lived in Wales. The West Country is something like 95% white, but when I lived in Caerleon, the most exciting person there was an Italian barber!

    (Edit: Judging by our last VM conversation two years ago, I've clearly forgotten that you'd already mentioned this!)
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