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Sep 5, 2021
Nov 21, 2007
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Death Star

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Backwards Logic

Emperor Palpatine, from Death Star

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Sep 5, 2021
    1. Backwards Logic
      Backwards Logic
      Yea, put me in. I have some free time to burn.
    2. Ekolite
      So should I put you down as a yes?
    3. Ekolite
      Hey just thought I'd ask, are you are planning to join my upcoming NOTW? It would be really great to have you on board :)

      You can check it out here if you haven't already.
    4. Backwards Logic
      Backwards Logic
      Thanks, I'll go fix it.
    5. Zack
      Don't know if you realized, but NOTW XLVI: Dakalam is not included in the list of previous games in the NOTW Information Thread.
    6. Arakhor
      It would be easier if you shot us the PM. :)
    7. Zack
      edit: nvm
    8. Zack
      "I do in fact have my own list of players who will not be accepted if they attempt to sign up."

      Would you mind PMing me said list?
    9. My Pet Hamster
    10. LightFang
      You're so backwards, you're like, a reactionary! D:
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    | NOTW XVI - Swordsman/Werewolf - VICTORY!!! | NOTW XVIII - Squire/Converted Werewolf, SOLO VICTORY!!! | Host of NOTW XXII: Road to Ruin, Rogue Victory | NOTW XXV - Gardener: Survived/Innocent, VICTORY! | NOTW XXIX - Adventurer/Traitor - VICTORY!!! | NOTW XXXI - Capt. of the Nightwatch/Esus Faction, VICTORY!!! | Host of NOTW XXXIX: Impending Retribution | 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2014 Champion of CFC Fantasy Baseball |

    "I think that in the interests of fairness, next time he's a wolf, Backwards Logic should start the game tied up inside a locked steel crate at the bottom of a fast-flowing river somewhere in South America (he isn't told where). The innocents might be able to scrape a win, depending on how many of his fingers the piranhas have eaten." - Catharsis
    "You are a vicious man Backwards Logic, and, uh, I'm glad you're dead!" - Askthepizzaguy