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  • Do you think Trial of Lilith will end in 2013? I've been holding off on the Mafia/NOTW awards for it.
    Thanks! And yeah, nightly locking is a little to much for me. There are ways of countering if it does become a problem without going to that level of moderation.
    Hey, sorry I haven't answered... I've been busy, and don't think I can devote the time. (I'm barely in any NES, right now.) Hope it goes well!
    No, thanks, it will be another reason to procrastinate and I'd like to keep that to a minimum. :p
    You can sign me up as a reserve for your NOTW. I should do it in the thread, but ... now I don't want to go to the thread. :p
    Looks like he hasn't been online in three years. I didn't realize he was around that long ago.
    :lol: I remember Airstrike92! Blast from the past when I saw your signature.
    Hello. Just a reminder that the SprylliNES deadline has passed. :) Your orders probably won't affect anyone else, though, so I'll probably accept anything you want to submit however late.
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