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  • BTW if you change your mind, neither have responded back to me yet. I'm not trying to kick you out.
    good joke. ai teammates are so bad, especially at defending the goal

    i play a lot of doubles and standard, standard probably my favourite though

    chaos is too much but its fun every now and again, and duel is definitely a blow out
    I have a saying in honour of some guy I played with months ago. "Astrid tier plays". I don't even remember what the guy did. But it was awful. And so all terrible plays are remembered as such.

    the worst is when you are defending your goal, and your teammate comes flying in to score an own goal or to knock you out of the way

    this first reveal is gonna be a doozy
    Thanks! Seems like not much has changed.

    When Kobe retires, are you going to change your profile picture?
    It's OK, I checked TVTropes and found out that the name was similar to that of another game I did want, but you deprived me of the chance to make ingenious word-plays. :mad:
    is there like anyone saying "dibs" or anyone experienced in it?

    because like, I don't really know people on the org and if someone comes in knowing a bunch about the game I'd get steamrolled
    I'll be unable to do more than check messages and updates for the next couple of days. After that I should be fine. If you want to replace me with someone more active, though, then I won't be offended. :)
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