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  • Would you mind if I rejoined your NES as a hero, with a hopefully more directed and solid story? I'm thinking elemental powers, if that's okay.

    Though I'd be fine if you see fit to not allow me back in. I'll defer to your judgement.
    I love the Alvinar stories. Hopefully people will come back -- so far it seems they won't. I'll give it time.
    Hey! I do, but I am not getting on it until I finish the semester completely. Once I get on, it is hard to stop. So once the semester is over, I will get on #NES or my AIM (though I don't know if my ancient AIM acct still exists - we'll see).
    My plans are always vague to begin with. ;) My particular plan for you was not anything grand or overly-significant, just something that could potentially be played around with. You didn't mess anything up, nor will you ever.
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