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Apr 19, 2022
Jan 15, 2006
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November 1
Get Back

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The World is Mine, from Get Back

Luckymoose was last seen:
Apr 19, 2022
    1. Blake00
    2. yung.carl.jung
      whose world is this?
    3. Crezth
      Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me. I feel no more a part of IOT than NES. Merge or not, I'm in the same place. So good luck with your projects, I hope they find some rich soil to bed down in.
    4. Crezth
      I don't know, Luckymoose. I think if you're still friends with Thlayli at this point then there are bigger problems at hand than the fate of a forum.
    5. Crezth
      Do you ever stop and wonder whether your cause is just? Put Nuke outside of it. Even put me outside of it. I'm nobody, and I've always been a nobody. I just want a place to go to play games. I'm not fellating Nuke's side, I just came back after a busy year to pitch a NES idea and found nowhere, really, to pitch it. Maybe #nes has too much baggage for me. But I really believe great things would happen if we merged with IOT, not change for the sake of change nor sake for mine or anyone's aggrandizement. I believe IOTers are just like us, only a little younger and a little less sadder.
    6. Double A
      Double A
      So how're the plans for the campaign progressing?
    7. Thlayli
      It would be wrong if he did that. I don't think he will though.
    8. Valka D'Ur
      Valka D'Ur
      Re: NES. Okay, I understand that. But I would appreciate a reply to the question I asked about a list of people willing to help newcomers or others who need help. I would appreciate a reply either in the thread or via PM as I find Visitors' messages a bit awkward. Thanks.
    9. Lord of Elves
      Lord of Elves
      Well fair enough and stuff~
    10. Lord of Elves
      Lord of Elves
      I've been pretty absent vis a vis college applications and all the other fun times afforded by senior year ... but I maintain that to the exception of the usual suspects (NK, Iggy, etc) the appeals to moderation have verged into propagandistic territory.

      I'm sure it's very possible I'm wrong. If I'm on #nes any time soon you can set me right :p
    11. Daftpanzer
      Alright don't complain if I use the term 'Wayists' :p
    12. Daftpanzer
      Alright don't complain if I use the term 'Wayists' and your starting region name something in Armenian :)
    13. Daftpanzer
      Lucky, I really need an 'alternative faction title' :p It can officially be 'The Great Way' but I need an easier handle. And/or a name for your starting region.
    14. Thlayli
      Freakin' craig. :p
    15. North King
    16. North King
      North King
      Crimson, the color of blood.
    17. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      It isn't done, so there's not much to read. The old versions all need to be burned in fire. I've been toying around with the notion of working on it again since the ideas have had enough time to gel. If I do that and you want to read it then, I'll share it.
    18. Perfectionist
      Ugh, I just saw it. I'm sorry :( Even being out of it I'm infuriated. Don't know how you keep calm.
    19. Immaculate
      Finished my submission.
    20. Daftpanzer
      I can assure you I'm not going to launch a war because colours on a map :) I'm thinking of Ethir culture long term, cultural and economics activities across borders, and achieving peace in these troubled times. Indeed I expect there is much we can discuss. Hope to catch you on #NES sometime soon? :)
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