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  • You know, since Paranaa no longer counts towards your vassal cap you could pick up two more vassals if you were interested.
    I mean that, the EP you sent is in Honey, and we liked it so much we sent an EP back to buy more. Storywise that's how it works. Convention wise, You get your precious EPs back.
    I will, once I revassalize Nubia. Promise.

    I can "fluff" it as the EP being honey, then I send you it back to buy more honey. Also, your avatar is staring at me... creepy. :p

    Seriously, if I made "Honey Roasted duck" I might understand, but I only added honey because it is the most recognizable "ancient balm that works" thing.
    I am willing to sell the rest of Engineering, which is worth 11 EP, to you in exchange for 8 EP at a 3 EP bargain.

    The knowledge would be left at the same spot as your earlier 1EP deal.
    Thank you, kind friend. The trade of Saddles for Subterfuge is hereby sanctioned and allowed between Zorr and the Empire of the Heavenly Dragon.
    We feel that such a trade would be acceptable in exchange for us making 1 such trade (to be approved by you) to the east. *coughor1EPtohelpusgetthroughZulep'sboilscough*
    It was either that or Patrol, and I just kept getting an even funnier image in my head of them just trying to blend in and act like they were supposed to be on patrol the whole time and so in the end I just went with "go somewhere to explain yourself, swordsmen."
    Great! Seeing that Persia and Punt should be safe as areas between us from which we can talk and consider, I'm totally fine with that.
    Sorry, I have not followed that relationship as closely as I should.

    As for the propaganda, I would like to have that pointed out. From my standpoint, mostly IC and somewhat OOC and from the little we know, i try to RP everything the way they would see and do things.

    EDIT: Sometimes, I lose control of my characters. My only real and complete control is basically who gets to rule Satura Next.
    I am considering signing a Non-Aggression Pact between the two of us. We are distant from each other, and there is no reason for us to cross arms and weaken ourselves to the Khanates and the Cyrians of this world. This will last five years, hopefully.
    w/r/t = "with regard to" = re: = regarding

    I would play like Tycho plays, I'd invest a ton into my economy. Sure it gets halved eventually but half of twelve is still 6, who goes into a new age with 6 Economy? I'd write a ton of stories though, that's the difference. If Tycho wrote a bunch of stories, ignored labels, did diplomacy and sent me the exact same orders he does then you would be terrified of him.
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