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  • Too bad about bip-bip.

    Sorry for not replying. Last couple of months were very intense, both bad and good, and extremely busy.

    If DW hadn't reminded me I signed up for this SGOTM, I'd forgotten about civving in general.

    I can see your passion is still there. :)
    I want you to have good RNG and AIs settling from you.:)
    The Lincoln map was weird. Fractal threw up a huge amount of space to the west... not much of it any good. But it still led to a ton of barbs and space for Pacal to claim. Deity AI can do things with tundra and desert.

    Of course, the main reason I lost was a cocky HA rush against Ragnar. :lol: I think I was trying to do something different, and it didn't work out so well.
    If I am asked by friends or family about my weekend's activities, I shall reply that I was learning French. A half truth. :)
    Hehe, do I sense irony about the casual play of that scenario?
    All I can do at this moment is playing casual at bumps of 15 minutes here and there where I can squeeze it. I even was forced to give up one GOTM almost finished (which I started at the same time as Bib bib) because focused play doesn't dovetail with the present situation.

    Wonder when I'll get more favorable times if I'll go back Monarch player... :)
    Oh, BIC, that was my paranoia on work again. I should have excused myself despite you not even knowing it. It wasn't intent to insult at all. It wasn't closeness the problem... Since I joined SGOTM, I have become more paranoid than ever. You see, oh and ha, you're great, but when it is the time to listen to me a lil bit, oops, ears were shut. The last SGOTM, I simply let the flow goes without me. Helping in some code here and there...that's it. If my team was full of Duckweeds, I would understand my position, but that's not the case.
    Now, I'm gonna read your PM.

    Now, I really should respond in PM's...I'm too blunt.
    Yay! BIC last man standing in my thread! Just to say your feedbacks are very appreciated. Sadly, you are the last one who remained. T_T

    Do you have an idea why the feedbacks are thinning/decreasing so fast?
    They are better economy players out there than I but refuses to give away some small tips/hints.

    Did I do something wrong?
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